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LG G8 ThinQ Sprint is rolling Android 10 final

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Jan 4, 2016
Got the update on all three phones in the family today. Quick question, please tell me there's a way to switch back to the vertical recent apps? As much as I understand the push for "being more like an iPhone," could they not push everyone into that camp? I quite like the vertical recent apps and fail to see how this horizontal view is any kind of upgrade.


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Jun 23, 2008
Beaverton, OR
Anyone figure out how to remove the app icons on the recent apps page....very annoying.

Also, no new second screen option? When I tap on new second screen under display settings, nothing happens.
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Mar 3, 2008
My recents button no longer works. I'm using Nova Launcher. I deleted the LG Home Launcher by accident. I really don't want to do a hard reset.


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Jun 18, 2007
No volume slider in notification panel :(
GPS status is a bit worse
No lock/hide button in Home touch button .

Is there a way to revert back to 9.0 ?


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Mar 13, 2018
I'm getting a black screen after face unlock. The phone unlocks when I look at it, then it goes to a black screen, which I have to tap to see the home screen.
Anyone else?


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Sep 11, 2019
LG V40


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Oct 10, 2015
Saben si recibiré la actualización final de android 10 en mi LG G8 Thinq Sprint teniendo la beta instalada?

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Saben si recibiré la actualización final de android 10 en LG G8 ThinQ Sprint teniendo la beta instalada?
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Sep 23, 2012
Hacked Beta

Do not listen to those people: those betas are not hacked. I will update the guide to downgrade

They are hacked, the source of the beta said as much on their site, they only way too get the official beta was to download the beta application (windows only) from LG and update your phone to the beta. Using their software to install the official beta also gives one the option to roll back to pie. If you install the beta this way you will also be able to get the final version OTA. It looks like the official Android 10 for Sprint has started to roll out to users, ahead of the other US carriers, which is quite a change for Sprint as they are usually last, the other carriers should follow fairly soon, with the unlocked and Amazon variants following lastly.

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    Manually check for this update. Don't worry if it doesn't pop up right away. Give it 1 day or 2.
    LG has kept his promises. Nice job! ?
    Meanwhile T-Mobile is going to take all damn year probably.

    Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk Pro.
    Please help me, as I do the downgrade for the sprint version, download this hacked version and I want to go back to version 9 help me please
    Do not listen to those people: those betas are not hacked. I will update the guide to downgrade
    So, my phone updated to this last night and I'm pretty pissed about it.
    The theme I paid for is no longer compatible, so that's neat. The recents app switcher is now oriented horizontally instead of vertically apple style so you can only see 1 or 2 apps at a time while scrolling vs like 5+. And it also has frequently used app tiles in the switcher I guess? And you can't edit or change those at all which is ****ing annoying as all hell.
    And if you press the back button from said screen, it takes you to the stock home launcher... Instead of nova which is my preferred, so then you have to hit the home button again to go to that one.
    and the "new second screen" system setting that I could change before that now doesn't even open, despite still showing in settings.

    Is there a way to roll back from this? These things literally are making me consider ditching the phone and moving back to my V30.