LG G8X sprint model sensors not working after messy crossflash

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Jun 21, 2022
Yes,it was network unlocked for sure.You're not the only one that has faced this after trying to repair the IMEI.It's perma blocked because it's embedded in the chipset itself,and so far I haven't seen any fix for it as of yet.
Yeah that's probably it. I flashed the modified abl to turn it into a tmobile phone and access the hidden menu, and the NT Code there still appears as it did before flashing the sprint rom, 0 and all Fs. Guess I'll just hope somebody figures out how to fix it, in the meantime I've already ordered a replacement G8x so I've pretty much accepted this probably won't be fixed any time soon.

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    I've got version 30c of that firmware installed, you think going back one update would fix it?
    Yes,go to 30b it will all work.I tried 30c on my sprint model,and had issues with network connectivity as well.
    When you flashed the A10 kdz, you followed netmsm's guide right? Did you get any errors when flashing the partitions with fhloader? When I extracted the kdz a few files were missing from the ones used by that code but every kdz I've extracted doesn't have them either.
    yes, the netmsm's guide, fhloader only use it to restore the luns, restore the kdz partitions one by one with qfil, just try what Surgemanxx suggested first and tell me how it goes.
    Also I think I may have found my IMEI number thanks to having the ftm partition backed up and therefore still having the serial number. The first 8 digits are always 35886110 for the LG G8x sprint model (and maybe others in the US), the next 6 are the last 6 digits of the serial and the last one is a check digit that you can look up online. I've checked the number on multiple sites and it seems legit so I hope it's actually my number. Now I'll try to write it to the phone somehow, but at least having the IMEI back is a very big step forward.