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LG GT540 Soft-brick Recovery

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May 12, 2011
Update only available for CD Version users for now, update for portable version and the CD version is coming out tomorrow on my website and dropbox if I have enough time.
Somehow the code in the batch script keeps on messing up, hopefully it should stop now, if not I am going to keep on fixing it until it works.
I am planning to create a executable file so you will no longer have a big mess of files, also more portable friendly. :)
I will only do such thing when the whole thing is fixed.

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    LG GT540 Soft-brick recovery :D
    This tool will flash a CyanogenMod 6 rom (Android 2.2) has default but you can use the recovery images to do the job and change rom.
    You must have Fastboot on your soft-bricked device.
    I created a script (Windows only) and you can modify the script to change the recovery directory if required (Default is TWRP)
    Thanks to the developers of the recoverys and the rom :cool:
    Download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/33257225/Tweaks and Hacks/Android/LG GT540 Recovery/LG GT540 Recovery.zip
    Unzip the file and start/modify the script :)
    Has there is some confusion, this app will fix the non-booting issues like stuck on a certain screen like the LG Logo, bootloops etc.
    Requirements: LG GT540 Drivers, Windows machine and fastboot
    How to use: Download and extract the zip, put the device on fastboot mode, connect the device to the PC and then optionally, edit the batch file to your likings like the recovery images (There is plenty of images that come with the folder and has default, 'TWRP.img') and when your done, run the batch file :)
    Version 0.6: Hopefully removed the space erase issue in the file causing the other issues and removed auto reboot-bootloader because the device would be soft brick and would not go to the system anyway. (Use the last link to update the updater script.) [Redownload batch file here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/33257225/Tweaks and Hacks/Android/LG GT540 Recovery/LG_GT540_Recovery.bat or just redownload the zip if required.

    Has promised, i said that there will be a Compact-Disc version with Installer, Updater and Cleaner, now its here!: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33257225/Creations/LGGT540KITCD.zip
    Installation: Download the file, extract the zip and then put it on a blank CD.
    You may get an issue where you cannot enter the disc because of autorun, the workaround is to go to My Computer or just go to Compuer, Right click in the disc and then press Open ;)
    Link to download page with separated parts and scripts: http://caftp.pcsat.tv/lg_tools/ ;)
    would be useful for a phone where the boot (kernel) contains the recovery so everytime you flash a rom your recovery changes and when it fails you loose recovery. But for gt540 the recovery.img is independent...
    Dies it matter which kind if blank disc you use for this or is any specific best ie DVD or CD rw?? Probably a stupid question but not sure?

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    You can use any but make it act like "USB storage" or something, make sure you don't burn the files though.
    When you get the files over run the installer (May want to right click and run has administrator if fails), everything is up to date anyway so you do not need to use the updater yet.
    After using the installer, you can use autorun to run the script or enter C://android/ then double-click on the batch file (There is only one in that corrosponding folder). Just reminding even though I already said so in the first post o.o

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    Tested it is finally working, you may try out the update.