LG GW620 Development/Kernel hacking (Have LG source mods + trying to get 2.0 working)

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Dec 29, 2010
I've been having major issues with my Eve. More details can be seen in the openetna forum under Issues/LG Eve will not turn on (I can't post the link as I'm a new user).

The guys at openetna have been trying to help me out, I was running their latest official release when the problem started.

The quick and dirty; my phone will not turn on except in emergency mode. Computer can detect the phone but using different LG utilities I have not been able to flash. When I connect and don't force emergency the phone is still detected and drivers are loaded but the backlight does not turn on and flashing still fails.

Hopefully someone on here might have some insight into my problem.


BTW; I have tried downloading the "eve debrick" torrent but there are no seeders.

add me ay yahoo messenger

i've been in this situation before
i may help u


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Jan 18, 2011
Krivoy Rog
Guys tell me, how in the Korean firmware 1,6 (KH5200) to add the Russian language in the SMS. that would not come to trash the recipient. Morelocale 2 does not help, installing third-party SMS programs, too, has no effect
And how to change the system name on the phone with KH5200 GW620
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Oct 14, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
GW620 damaged

Hello please help ...... turns out I was updating my phone and knocked out power in my house which never was completed to update the phone but it turned it on and turns on but stays in the standby I have no access fastboot black ....... I have only emergency access mode ..... I connect to the computer but I do not recognize the phone the LG program ...... please if you have a solution let me know greetings and thank you for attending the same ...!!!!!!:(


Mar 6, 2006
so the official 2.2 firmware has some features OE does not have(bluetooth and fm radio). it has limitations EO does not have (setcpu).

so i guess you guys are going to ask lg for the source, can't wait for new developments ;)


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Nov 25, 2009
I hope someone's put that GPL request in... I know there are a few on this forum that are already set up with LG to do so. It would be great to integrate the official 2.2's changes into OE, as the youtube of the 5200 running 2.2 looks about 1200 light years faster than my OE eve... performance improvement is my number one priority with this ROM, as even overclocked sometimes it lags so much I have trouble answering calls before they go to voicemail :S


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Jan 21, 2011
Official 2.2 firmware in LG support opensource

Search by KH5200 :)

It's my first post hear so the forum don't let me post url :(:(:(


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Jan 24, 2011

i figured this might be relevant to this thread since its regarding the korean 2.2 update. also i must state im a bit of a noob at this stuff, all i can do is follow instructions.

i installed the update using the lg utils method (lg-phones.org/how-to-flash-lg-eve-etna-gw620.html) and it went smoothly. the only problems (outside annoying little bugs like a korean text warning when wifi turns off) were that the camera flash didnt work, and sms were automatically turned into mms after 90 characters (something i think is just to do with the app).

but then yesterday morning my sms messaging service went completely bonkers. my dad received a couple of my text messages, but then from then on could not receive or even send me anything. i have this same problem with some other people, while some people receive my texts as an unknown number and so cant reply, while a couple receive and send texts fine. this has pretty much crippled my phone as i mainly use sms.

i have no idea what to do. i tried reinstalling the update to no avail, tried resetting to factory settings, and even a vain attempt to downgrade the software. is there anyone who knows how i can fix this, even if it means i go all the way back to software version 10b. i see that lg have released kernal info or something about android 2.2 (the post above me). is that something to do with upgrading the phone to 2.2 and can i replace the korean software with that one?


Jan 14, 2011
I think the Recovery Flasher uses asroot2, and this is a pretty new device, so no surprise that they've fixed that hole.

I tried using "adb root" but it won't run as root on a production device.


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Jan 16, 2008
Cant' get connected in fastboot

I am searching for 3 days now. But i can't find it.

When I'm in fastboot windows asks for a driver... wich do i need to instal
- adb
- bootloader

Or do i need an other driver because i want to flash an amonra as recovery?

Please help


Aug 31, 2008
I might be way out to lunch here, but let me muse out loud:
Apparently the MBN file format is just a standard flash BIN file that's been renamed. The M probably, as you mentioned, points out that it's been encrypted and signed. It would be worth it, though, to create a standard BIN file and rename it to MBN and see if somehow we can make the phone accept it without the LG signing...


Anyone can help me, How to upgrade to official Firmware after install OE, Lg software stuck at

18:00:40 : Phone Bin Version : V10H_00
18:00:40 : *****Get ESN / IMEI / MEID Start*****

Please help. Thanks



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Feb 19, 2008
Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro
sure !! but without fastboot , u can not downgrade again

Do not use the official update!
You loose the possibility to go back or fastboot.
If you want to upgrade, just do it with fastboot and .h.t.t.p._././. openetna.mayix.net/n2k1/firmware/FroyoDump/
Or if you want to upgrade full, so use .h.t.t.p._././. openetna.mayix.net/n2k1/firmware/WayBack/
Both will save your fastboot.
First version will save your old AMSS so you can back to V10..
Look at openetna to read more.
Password for rar-file is openetna.
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    And since we're giving away secrets, here is a handy tool to extract those system.mbn files LG ships. This allows you to extract and browse the filesystem easily without having to flash your phone. It's based on unyaffs because that's basically what the filesystem is, but the LG ones don't use OOB data for the fs, but do have some extra data in them (probably checksums) which needs to be skipped.

    Edit: updated unyaffsmbn to preserve uid & guid (if run as root) and timestamps

    I also have V10T - not sure if it's stable or not tho... It's been a looong time since I looked at a 620. http://www.zacpod.com/files/V10T.zip

    Have you checked out OpenEtna? They had some Cyanogen ports that were actually pretty decent.
    introduce Open eve


    Let me introduce openeve firmware.


    This firmware from the South Korea.

    Openeve has the two version firmware.

    Froyo & Ginger bread

    Froyo verion is Stable version.
    Ginger bread is Test version.

    based on LG official kernel 2.6.32

    So, Fast and Stable.

    But, careful. Openeve made for Korean user.

    Do take care of your regional settings.
    Decompressing the KDZ

    Okay, it took me a while to find the right version of the LG-Utils program to decompress the KDZ file. From those of you following along at home, you want at least version 0.4.2 (the most common version is 0.4.0, which is great if you want to flash your phone with the firmware it appears).

    Okay, for those looking at this thread for the first time, here are a quick set of instructions to get you caught up to ZacPod (as of the 19th anyway).

    (1) Download the firmware: http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WEBSW/GW620R/ARGSBK/V10c_00/V10C_00.kdz
    (2) Download LG-Utils 0.4.2: http://www.assembla.com/spaces/ks36...eJe5afGb/download?filename=LG-Utils-0.4.2.zip
    (3) Run KP500-Utils-EN.exe (or whatever language you prefer out of the available choices) and select I to extract the KDZ.
    (4) Open the resulting CAB file and extract the DZ file.
    (5) Download DZExtract: http://www.frenchcoder.com/upload/DZExtract-V0.2.zip
    (5) Use DZExtract to extract the MBN files:
    DZExtract -x GW620RAT-V10c-OCT-21-2009-RGS-CA_DZ+0.dz C:\extractedTo\

    Voila, lots of MBN files: amss.mbn (8717kb), partition.mbn (0kb), qcsblhd_cfgdata.mbn (0kb), qcsbl.mbn (32kb), oemsblhd.mbn (0kb), oemsbl.mbn (150kb), amsshd.mbn (0kb), appsboothd.mbn (0kb), appsboot.mbn (215kb), zImage_Ramdisk.mbn (2030kb), System.mbn_0 (95089kb), System.mbn_1 (12158kb)

    Now, the zImage_Ramdisk likely contains the kernel. The question is if there is anything else in there. In a hex editor, it starts with the string "ANDROID!" and later on has "mem=88M console=ttyMSM0 androidboot.console=ttyMSM0". Running strings on the mbn files might yield interesting tidbits.

    System appears to be too big and was broken into two pieces ... I suspect it needs to be put together again before it will be of any use.

    amss.mbn is intriguing ... it starts with the string ELF, which is common of linux executables. Not sure what the smss.mbn is. There are also page after page of "empty" sections (all null's). Are there multiple files in here? I don't think this is a filesystem ...

    partition.mbn is kind of interesting too. It contains the strings MIBIB, WALLPAPER, OEMSBL2, DLOAD, AMSS, APPSBL, FOTAUSD, FOTAPKG, ZIMAGE, SYSTEM, DRM, CACHE, and USERDATA. I'm assuming it defines the partition tables.

    The question really is, what are these mbn files? They don't look like filesystems, but I'm not really familiar with YAFFS2.

    This thread here:
    Talks a lot about the DZ file format and there is some discussion about MBN files.

    However, it doesn't appear they are in any special format so I tracked down the YAFFS specs (http://www.yaffs.net/yaffs-spec). I'm hoping they might shed some light on what these files really are. Some notes on YAFFS2 are here: http://www.yaffs.net/yaffs-2-specification-and-development-notes, but they are rather out of date.
    Since this thread got revived I may add my 2 cents to the discussion!

    First of all, it seems that the homepage of http://openetna.com/ went down (also the forum and wiki) - i will try to contact cwhchew to find out what happend...

    Secondly, there has been some development for the LG GW620, so this i want to sum up here:

    OpenEtna - the last version based on Android 2.2.1 available on http://code.google.com/p/openetna/ is Openetna V6.3-rc7

    But there has been also some development on Android 2.3.7, there was a project started called openEve.

    OpenEve - There is a port of CyanogenMod 7.2.0-RC0 on the page http://code.google.com/p/openeve/ - also there is a alpha port of Android 4.0.3 available there (CM9 ICS 4.0.3) dated on 2012-01-13

    And finaly there is a project called openEve-continues which is based on the released CyanogenMod 7.2.0 available here: http://code.google.com/p/open-eve-continues/ - it is dated on 2012-07-27

    I hope this helps someone to find the right custom firmware for the good old GW620!

    I also started a entry for the LG GW620 on the XDA wiki: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/LG_GW620