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LG H933 Mobile data isn’t working + Download mode doesn’t seem to work

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New member
Apr 18, 2021
My LG H933 mobile data just wouldn’t work i’ve tried changing the APN, changing SIM cards, resetting network settings, factory resetting, changing carriers, turning airplane mode off and on, But it still wouldn’t work I’m on Android version 8.0.0 and I thought that maybe if I updated to android 9 it would be solved but I can’t seem to upgrade to android 9 i’ve tried to upgrade via LGUP but i can’t get into download mode (Powering off +Volume up + plugging in cable) but no matter how many times I tried it wouldn’t work it just keeps showing me the charging logo I’ve downloaded the LG mobile drivers I tried rebooting with ABD but it doesn’t even show the LG in the devices section (I turned on USB debugging and changed the USB configuration from charging to MTP but it still wouldn’t recognize it and when I restarted the phone it changed it back to charging) is there any solution to this? one thing I’m also confused about why does my Verizon LG says it’s an H933 in the about phone section in settings it has the Verizon logo on the back but it says it’s an H933 I’m so confused.

Sorry if my English is a bit hard to read English isn’t my first language.
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