[LG Ks20] [20Oct09] WM6.1 KisS20.5b Rom (5.2.20755) [WWE]

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Feb 21, 2008
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Tadam, here it is, the long awaited (vaporware ? ;)), KisS20.5 rom. It might not bring you everything you expected, nor will it turn your ks20 into a brand new touch hd or whatever, but I think it's a bit better than KisS20.4.
As you've all waited for a long time, I'm also releasing a beta KisS20.x, work in progress on wm6.5 builds.

But, first, thanks to everyone who helped me building this rom here on xda and on Forum Mobiles, and special thanks to misterJP whose great work made all this possible.
::Tools & help: MisterJp, CopsFrance, Bepe, Ervius, No2Chem, Da_G, Cmonex, rickou26, weapons.b, farahbolsey, thorfr
Thanks to them. Forgive me if I forgot somebody.

ROM Information:
::Based on Diamond : CE 5.2.21109, build 20755.1.4.0 (full Xip+Sys Port)
::Based on 10E (february 2009 - spanish rom) for Modem/OEM/Drivers part

::Built with homemade kitchen
::For the start, only WWE version available

The philosophy behind this ROM is to have a small/optimized OS that could be easily personnalized. That's why I've only included small apps that don't evolve so much. Thanks to Preset Installer compliancy, all you have to do is to follow this tutorial to have your favorite apps automatically installed at first boot (you can choose for the apps you want, you're not forced to install everything). For those who prefer a zero effort Out Of the Box Experience, I'm also providing my own PI Package (it needs more work, but it's a good start). If you build one and want to share (only free apps, please), contact me and I'll update this post.

This rom is almost clean and most of the personalization stuff are in PI package, so if you want to do it by yourself, just don't install it.
I hope it's stable for everybody, if no bugs are found, I'll make localized builds. I'm still working on graphic driver replacement, but it's more complicated than I 1st thought, due to the fact that ks20 underlying drivers are built for wm6.0 and not wm6.1 (drivers architecture changed a bit, which makes almost any driver replacement break some dependancies)

For those who ask why flashing this rom over their stock lg rom :
::More speed (thanks to lots of optimizations)
::More stability (thanks to latest available lg drivers)
::Less battery consumption (thanks to WM6.1)
::Bugs fixed (but some are still there)
::SDHC support

What I didn't do :
* Didn't fix the gsm reload and backup battery bugs on recent builds. It doesn't impact KisS20.5 and has a low impact on KisS20.X build)
* Didn't include Extendir because it takes almost 10mb of ram, and there are still a few bugs (incompatibilities with some .net apps). As soon as it's good for our device (this shouldn't be long), I might update the rom to include it.
* Didn't include NetCF3.7 because it's a beta that has some compatibility issues (and don't include directx support).
* Didn't make a LZX version : need to do some tests to be sure it doesn't impact performance (doesn't seem it does, but I prefer to be sure). Anyway, it's not very useful as we wouldn't gain any program memory until someone (;)) fixes the tools used to rebuild the rom.

  • NetCF2.0
  • Microsoft Office One Note Mobile
  • Sample Music
  • Catalog
  • Welcome Center
  • LG Java Mobile
  • Microsoft Office 6.1
  • VoIP
  • NetCf3.5
  • PocketRar 3.8
  • Total Commander 2.5
  • FdcSoft Pim Backup 2.8
  • FdcSoft Task Manager 3.1
  • Esmertec JBed (2009 version)
  • Too much to list

Known issues:
  • VOIP still doesn't work (not a real bug though, as it doesn't work either in official LG rom)
  • KisS20.5 : to have battery display in taskbar -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\ShowTitleBarClock=0
  • KisS20.X suffers from gsm reload (shouldn't be a real problem), "backup battery very low" popup when battery is fully charged (both are due to drivers incompatibilities). There are also some issues directly related to wm6.5 build (each build has its owns bugs). No, 21234 "final build" is not bug free, it's more an "api freeze", so I guess the best is to use recent builds and hope upcoming builds will fix more bugs than they will add :). If you only have 1 icon in start menu (the today icon), restart your phone and try to wait a few seconds more before entering your sim code.
Depending on the feedback I have, I may release a small rom update to fix possible bugs. If you don't want to flash twice in a week, you might want to wait a few days before flashing to be sure it's stable.

Upgrade Instructions:
  • If you have a branded phone, make a backup of your nv2 using LGMDP and then unbrand your nv2 using one of the tools present in "NV TOOLS" folder (both should work)(don't worry, you can do the opposite operation anytime you want). If you have any question, ask here. Flash to 20.4 or other unbranded rom and restore your newly unbranded nv2 (with LGMDP connected in normal mode)
  • If you want to use Preset Installer pack, it's time to unpack it to your sdcard
  • Connect Ks20 to LgMdp in Emergency mode as described here (or use the tutorial/drivers/software pack from ibanezman192 located in post 3)
  • Choose "Select Image", then click on "Original" button
  • On the first line, select the folder where you expanded the rom. Following lines should be filled automatically
  • Click on start and go drink some beer ;)
  • When flash is finished (in approximately 10min), if you're using preset installer, it will prompt automatically so that you choose the cabs you want to install. When it's finished, reboot your phone and start using it :)


  • [20 Oct 2009] KisS20.5b Rom 5.2.21109 / Build 20755.1.4.0
:: Removed Extendir (caused lag when resuming from standby with a sdcard containing many files)
:: Upxed a few more files
:: Added a few bluetooth tweaks to increase a2dp audio quality (thanks holy_moly)
:: Minor adjustments

  • [10 Aug 2009] KisS20.5a Rom 5.2.21109 / Build 20755.1.4.0
::Fixed secondary camera
::Fixed Alarms
::Fixed Battery icon not showing
::Moved Taskbar customization from rom to Preset Installer Package
::Updated a few tweaks
::Added Extendir

  • [11 Jul 2009] KisS20.X Rom 5.2.23004 / Build 23004.5.3.0
This rom is a work in progress on wm6.5 and still has the few famous bugs. Although this generally doesn't prevent a normal use, if you absolutely need a stable rom (for work or whatever) or plan to use an Ui replacement (SPB, Manila...) which makes titanium useless, I suggest you to use the wm6.1 KisS20.5 until we manage to fix those annoying bugs (it might be a little bit faster, and use 5Mb less ram).
Apart from wm build, it's the same than KisS20.5.

  • [11 Jul 2009] KisS20.5 Rom 5.2.21109 / Build 20755.1.4.0
::Only unbranded version with latest Radio available (10E)
::Updated KS20 drivers to latest stock LG rom (10E - february 2009) + some other devices (Lg Incite, Toshiba G810)
::Added hardware acceleration support for most of the games available.
::patched kernel + some drivers for better performance
::Rewrote Lg InitApp (1st boot is faster / cleaner)
::Rewrote Camera Patch to have a faster load (c++ instead of .net)
::Wrote a small Shutdown app (shortcuts in Startmenu\System). You can use it in scripts with parameters : you can softreset (-r), hardreset (-h), shutdown (no param), + possibility to remove confirmation popup (-s).
::Changed "User Customization" to "Preset Installer" (you can choose programs to install on 1st boot).
::Fixed A2DP without the help of SRS Wow HD
::Removed SrsWowHd (you can still install it afterwards if you want)
::Updated apps (EsmertecJBed, PocketRar)
::Added direct access to Lg internal apps (engineer menu...)
::Added Arthemus' dialer skin/taskbar
::I knew it was a weak point on KisS20.4, so I really worked hard to optimize memory. There is almost 50% free memory more than in KisS20.4 (more than 51Mb free on 1st boot in KisS20.5, 46Mb on KisS20.X).

Thanks a lot for your support.
:: Sarde57, Demiurge, Neko78, Thorfr, Flogal, Majorasshole, MigueldC, Laurent M., Theodork, Ludovic G., Sprioux, Roinou, Giboks20, Nheric, Junfeng85, Oti_76, PauloJ5, Fabian S., Jean T., willoute76, Andre F, xenon_art, scylla69, KilledKenny, holy_moly, nimmanarati, Pedro N., Atone2009

As usual, I'm not responsible if your phone gets bricked, explodes or pops your cat.

Links in post #3 below.
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Jan 9, 2008
Does this rom feature the connection configurator tool from the 1.0f unbranded French rom ? This tool is very useful in configurating the data settings for us and allowing us to swap from an operator to another easely when we have several sim cards.


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Feb 21, 2008
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Samsung Galaxy S10
Useful links:
::[KS20] NV2 - QCN TOOLS V1.4 (thanks to Weapons.b)
::[How To] Flash KS20 Complete Guide + Official ROMs DL list + Free Unbranded .nv2 (thanks to Raykisi)
::[How To] Connect KS20 with LGMDP + Free Unbranded .nv2 (thanks to Raykisi)
::French KisS20.x thread
::Add chinese support to KisS Roms (thanks to bun_0806)

Download links:
I worked very hard on ks20 to bring you this stuff. If you appreciate my work and want to buy me a drink (and increase the 0,3% ratio of donators/users :rolleyes:), donation is welcome.

If you can wait a few days before downloading this rom, I would suggest you do so, I'll release a bugfixed version (+ a few adjustments)

::KisS20.5b Rom_WWE
::KisS20.X Rom WWE

PI Cab Packages :
::KisS20.5a PI Pack (QVGA OpenGl S2P 0.58, S2V 0.42, SRSWowHD 1.2.1, TCPMP0.72, Windows Live, Advanced Configuration Tool 3.3, GoogleMaps, iContactAE 7.0.6, TouchResponse 0.2.2, + a few tweaks...)
::Majorasshole's PI Pack (Mega pack with md2 + lots of other things, wm6.1 and wm6.5) (pwd: majorasshole)

AutoProfile Providers list :

::Here (just copy the xml you need in windows\networkprofiles folder, because autoprofile.exe doesn't support so many xml files at once) [updated on 04 Aug 2009]

Detailed instructions on how to flash + everything needed (drivers, software...), thanks to ibanezman192 :

Old stuff :
::KisS20.5a Rom WWE
::KisS20.4 Rom WWE
::KisS20.4 Rom FR
::KisS20.4 Rom GER (thanks Dussel)

Drivers :
:: 64bit Unofficial Driver


  • I've got a message "trying to communicate with the phone" during flash and nothing else happens.
Try this.

  • My Wifi disappears sometimes in connection manager
Wifi driver is initiated during the boot, if it's not visible in connection manager (and the blue led blinks every 2 secs or so, just reboot your phone, that should fix it). The other reason wifi driver disappears is when you're connected to your pc through activesync. As soon as your disconnect, it's enabled again.

  • What's needed to build a rom for any language ?

Windows mobile comes into multiple packages (os, phone, office, shell, voip....) containing the programs. Most of these packages have a brother package containing the resources for a specific language (office_0409, phone_0409)...

OEM drivers made by lg also come into packages (oem_drivers, oem_bt...) and some of these packages have a brother package for the specific language (oem_bt_0409...)

To translate a rom, I need the packages for the related language (oem and wm).

Getting the packages for OEM is not difficult as I just need to unpack an official ks20 rom of the right language to get them. (so it means that this particular rom has to be downloaded somewhere on the web). But it takes some time to do it, so it's better if you give me just what I need (the whole oem folder is good). For that, just get my kitchen and follow the steps until you have an oem folder.

Getting packages for WM is more difficult because I can't take those from ks20 official rom as they are wm6.0 version and some don't contain everything needed. So I need to have the packages from a wm6.1 version. Just giving me a link to an HTC (or whatever) rom for this language is not sufficient because it would require me to find myself a way to extract this particular rom (if it's not protected, can be extracted and can be rebuilt) which takes time. So what I need is an archive containing packages, so that I don't spend multiple hours try to find how to get them. There are 2 ways to get them :
* get a rom for this language from any device, get a kitchen to extract the rom, extract it, rebuild packages, give me any 0409, 0408 or whatever packages it contains (be careful, I need packages, not only files whose name contain 040x).
* ask somebody who made a rom for this language to give you his packages.
Of course, I need the biggest number of packages you can find (for exemple, I include office in my roms, so if you find packages, but not the one for office, the rom won't be constructed correctly, when I'll do it, or it would need to be constructed without this specific package, which means it may show bugs not present on english/french roms, something I don't want to do.). A soon as I get all the packages I need, I should be able to construct a KisS20 rom for this language.

Please note that for wm6.5, I'll need wm6.5 packages, not wm6.1 (in wm6.5, many things have changed and some packages were added, so using packages from a 6.1 rom surely won't work).
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Oct 18, 2007
Maybe add a better (Touch-like) dialer, FTouchFlo and support for microSDHC cards?

Also, add a drop-down task manager in the upper right corner (don't if that's what you call Task Manager, though).

Finally, I personally like iContact better, as it starts faster than PocketCM :)


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Feb 21, 2008
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Samsung Galaxy S10
Almost everyting works as it should. I'll post it as soon as a figure out why camera can't take pictures anymore :)
As for user customization, it'll be up to you. Next rom will be UC compliant so I'm only working on os files/drivers with only a few tools embedded.


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Jul 17, 2008
is it possible in future to make a "clean" wm6.1 rom - no tweaks, no removed or added programs just as is; maybe just lg menu if its possible to be ported?


Dec 11, 2007
THX Spocky you're the Men ( and French!!!)
I can't flash these days but I'm sure it's a perfect build with Voip working!!
(If anyone try give us answers, will try throught BT headset less than I week).

Once In France will feed U throught you're "signature" because men, if Voip works U change my life!!!! ( and bills!!!)

PS: oh SRS built in!!! (but still tweaky for BT headset...thx XDA-DEV)
THX again


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Jan 9, 2008
I successfully flashed and tested the Franch branded rom and there are a few issues (beside the camera)

- Contacts are broken, impossible to browse and add contacts using the contacts menu on this rom (installing pocket contact manager partially fixes this issue)

- No profile selector, not everyone uses crappy vodaphone live and SFR operator. (this can be fixed by manually entering the settings but it is annoying to do so, especially on a rom that is supposed to be unbranded)

- Only partially compatible with CE-Star which is a REAL disadvantage for people using their phone to read/write chinese and japanese texts.

There are real improvemments though

- The rom seems more stable
- The rom runs much faster
- The rom boots faster.

If it was not for the contacts issue I would have kept this rom, but contacts menu is just a must have on any phones.

Also the unworking camera is a big issue but I can leave with it.
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Feb 21, 2008
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Samsung Galaxy S10
Thank you for your feedback. That's exactly the kind of problems I expected and that's why this rom is in beta stage.

- Contacts are broken, impossible to browse and add contacts using the contacts menu on this rom (installing pocket contact manager partially fixes this issue)

Fixed in upcoming release

- No profile selector, not everyone uses crappy vodaphone live and SFR operator. (this can be fixed by manually entering the settings but it is annoying to do so, especially on a rom that is supposed to be unbranded)

There's a tool called Autoprofile.exe in windows directory and I put a bunch of xml files for operator selection. Start menu shortcut is missing though. It'll be there in next release. Is this what you were talking about or is this something else ?

- Only partially compatible with CE-Star which is a REAL disadvantage for people using their phone to read/write chinese and japanese texts.

Could you please tell me more about this ? What do you mean by "partially compatible" ? Are other WM6.1 roms for htc phones supporting this completely ? If so, do you know how or what I should do to test (I don't speak chinese or japanese) ?