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LG V30 ThinnQ "Power Off - Battery Empty Powering Off" stuck in resetting loop.

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Feb 9, 2010
LG V30 ThinnQ "Power Off - Battery Empty Powering Off" stuck in resetting loop.


I have run into a very interesting problem with my otherwise perfect and stock LG V30.
Yesterday evening I put the phone on the wireless charger and it had about 45% battery remaining. The screen then displayed something along the lines of " Charging will start when the phone warms up". I had never seen that message before but didn't think too much of it. I picked the phone up and put it back down a couple times over the next hour, to have the same message display each time I placed it back down.

I moved to the front room which I have only the USB Charger and when I plugged it in the phone instantly displayed a message saying "Power off - Battery Empty , Powering off." The phone restarted and as soon as it got back to the main screen it repeated the error message and restarted again, and does this indefinitely with the charger plugged in or not.
To stop it I did the first steps before doing a master reset and plugged the charger back in when the screen was at the selection steps of "do you want to erase everything" screen which is the only place it will stop resetting. I couldn't even hold the power key longer enough to shut it down without it resetting on its own.
I left it to hopefully charge over night to no avail. After restarting it went back to the battery empty powering over reset loop.

I went ahead and bit the bullet and did the master reset which just erased my data and put me right back to where I was this time it only makes it to the android setup welcome screen where you select your language before it will give the powering off battery empty message and back into the loop.

Looking to hopefully find some options as I spoke with LG and they say send it in but it is out of warranty, even though I bought it brand new sealed box from ebay, because "ebay is not an authorized retailer. So I send it in I am paying whatever they want to charge to fix it.

Thanks in advance.
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