LG V35 case.

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Jan 9, 2012
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Oct 1, 2007
LG V35
Cheap Wallet Case

Started with the cheapest possible wallet case for V30 here and asked the seller if he can cut out the camera window 2mm lower.
More than pleased with the final result.


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Mar 11, 2011
I'm going to try one. Just ordered a v35. Have a v30 and want to see how the existing cases I have fit too

I have one and I don't really recommend it. The fit is not that tight and it's a bit slippery. I have the Ringke Fusion and maybe not the prettiest but it fits perfectly and the protection is amazing. Have dropped my phone several time and it doesn't have a scratch.


Jan 17, 2013
I use the Ringke Fusion as well. It seemed better than a lot of the other ones specifically for the V35 in terms of protection. It's just ok though, I don't feel great about it's durability or look, but the fingerprint/camera cutouts are good.


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Sep 13, 2010
The best case I've seen for the V35 is the Speck Presidio Grip. They only come in black for the V35 but the fit and feel is great.


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Dec 9, 2010
LG V35 cases from Korea.

I just bought 2 clear TPU cases from Korea, from GMarket Global.

I got these 2, http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=1487736543 and http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=1513004214. Including international shipping from Korea to the US, it cost $20 or about $10 per case. They fit like a glove, including the camera opening that is correctly lined up. Tight fit and before anyone asks, they do not have a "lip" on the front to protect the screen when laying screen down. I bought a cheap tempered glass screen protector for that.

There are other LG V35 cases if you want, but I just wanted a simple clear TPU case.
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Jun 6, 2015
Custom Leather Case for LG V35

Hello all,

After months of searching, I turned to naver.com to search for a leather case for the V35, hoping that I would have better luck using the Korean search engine. I found a custom shop in Seoul called An's Leather that has them available. Total cost for me with expedited international shipping was $49.11.

I'm too new here to be able to post links, but if you go to naver.com and search for "lg v35 leather case ansleather" you'll get 3 results, all of which show different versions of the case.

He even has 7 colors available and will stamp something in English on it if you tell him when you initially order, I was unfortunately too late in asking.

To order, you have to use KakaoTalk and message username ddajo76. He sent me a link via email to pay via credit card.

I was a little skeptical to order this way, so I waited until I received my case before I posted here. I would compare the quality of this case to be similar to an iPhone leather case.


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Jun 2, 2019
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My Fav case

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle. It's for the V30 but while the cam sits a bit low, its completely serviceable. I bought 3!
Sorry I'm new and can't post a link, but you can find it on amazon and a few other places. $9.99 or less!
It's PC and TPU molded together. Perfect for me!


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Jan 12, 2016
The Supcase Unicorn Beetle. It's for the V30 but while the cam sits a bit low, its completely serviceable. I bought 3!
Sorry I'm new and can't post a link, but you can find it on amazon and a few other places. $9.99 or less!
It's PC and TPU molded together. Perfect for me!

Hi can you send a picture how the camera locates?


Dec 19, 2011
I second what oregutan25 said. I really like the TUDIA Merge case for the lg v35. It is made for the v35 only, so everything line up properly. Don't get their other cases, it's not made specifically for the v35. What I really like about the case is that the volume button still functions properly(still have the tactile feedback), so you don't have to press extra hard to adjust the volume. I've really grown to like the dual layer design. TPU (flexible) plastic wraps around the phone and a hard (polycarbonate) plastic covers just the back. I use a magnetic mount in the car, so I just slip the thin piece of metal between the tpu and polycarbonate cover. Keeps the metal piece in place and from scratching the back of the phone. I have yet to drop the phone, but I feel like there is enough of a lip around the front to protect the screen there as well.


Mar 11, 2011
I have the OtterBox commuter case.other than a co-worker dropping it in the gravel and cracking the screen from a direct hit from a rock. It has survived many falls even on the screen side without any damage.

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