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Apr 7, 2015
LG v50 seamless wallpapers for the g8

Damn it does not install on my pixel 2 xl .. is it for lg phones only ?

Hey I'm trying to open however I'm getting an error about internet connection which I'm sure is not the problem. Could you generate a new link please.
Also I'm trying to get the V50's seamless wallpapers for the G8 :) thank you


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Mar 21, 2018
I have downloaded live wallpaper from g8. It's work but it's not the same on my v50. I was using g8s and on this phone e.x. opal theme was changing depend on time and weather condition. Wallpaper was slightly different in day and night and during rain it display additional effects. On v50 it doesn't. In g8s it was probably pre-installed as a theme but when installed on v50 it is saved as live wallpaper. What's the difference between both and how to copy that on my new v50?

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