LG V60 - How to replace LM-V600AM AT&T Firmware for V600EA20c European Version

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    so no hope for at&t users?
    We're working on it. :)
    so no hope for at&t users?
    Not yet, but have patience, my friend is on that case!
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace the LM-V600AM AT&T version for the V600EA20c European Version, and how to do it?

    This site tell us how to flash LG devices

    Is there any hope till today? or nothing new?!
    Not sure yet, I've been stuck on a phone that I'm trying to get out of the way, although I've been considering just moving on to the V60 as I feel I may be heading toward a dead end on the other phone.

    News to come, though.
    How far is this project of ATT version of v60 going? Has there be any success?
    I haven't done much of anything lately. Life has been taking up all of my time.
    I ordered new computer parts so that I can finally upgrade to a Ryzen build (been running an FX processor for forever now) and get some real development done. Also hoping for some more spare time soon.
    I'll be working on a ROM coupled with a custom recovery primarily but I do understand the importance of needing more people to unlock their devices. This is also something I'm still working on.

    My previous partner Codeon doesn't have a V60 nor the time to work on it if he did have one anyways so it's mostly just been me lately and even I haven't done much for a while now.
    Hoping I can change that. I'm trying to dedicate my time today to this phone, but as far as getting EDL to work with us without that god damn proprietary GSM box crap, it's just out of my league and I don't understand it. I do know of someone who may be able to help with that and I'll be reaching out to see if they can lend a hand or not.

    Sorry for things going so slowly. Thank you for your patience, guys, especially because I know it's running thin right now.