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Thank you very much for this "secret code" that leads us to an important hidden menu.
I could finally activate 5G option through this menu although there's no option for it in the regular standard setting (only up to 4G. I have now under Network mode setting, preferred "26". So no 4G, LTE, or 5G preferred, but it works this way, it will automatically switch between 3G, 4G or 5G. Finally found a way 😊

I'll post the path on another thread and link it here.

Edit: here is my post about how to activate 5G network option on the Velvet, thanks again for the code:

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Mar 4, 2015
I can confirm it works from the LG phone app and also works on model: G910EMW (4G version), by changing the code to: #*462633*#910#
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Enjoy: #*462633*#900#

Works with G900EM
can confirm it works with the LG LM-G902V (unbranded?) Velvet 5G, only replace the ....*#900# with ...*#902# ....can this hidden menu be used for enabling adb debug capabilities via usb? I was able to change the wifi debug state from off to on (-1 to 1)...but i need to somehow disable retail mode of the 902v variant. Any ideas?


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Mar 5, 2018
Okay, just in case anyone is still trying to access the hidden menu on the LG Velvet, specifically the Verizon model, LM-G900VM, I have some good news for you.

I noticed that this is the first post that pops up on most internet searches when looking for the Verizon and/or LG Velvet hidden menu. So, I wanted to have the right information on hand for anyone looking for the same thing that a lot of us we're trying to figure out.

What can I say, I like having all the correct and most efficient answers right here on XDA!

I am running my LM-G900VM on Android 12, software build G900VM30d, but this should work for any Verizon LG Velvet regardless of software currently being run on your device.
I would go one step further and say that your software should be considered "Official" for the code to run correctly.

And if you ARE on the same device as me and you have figured out through your magic hands how's to acquire custom firmware, root access, and/or bootloader unlock access, I think it goes without saying, PLEASE get in touch with me so I can learn your ways! Haha.

Okay, so here we go... You are simply going to open up the dialer or "phone app" on your Velvet and type in the following code:


[Code stands for ##PROGRAM900 typed out on the dial pad...the 900 is representing the model number of the LG Velvet, I have heard that this works with other newer model LG phones such as the 910 for example!]

So, after you have the first code on your dial screen, push the green "dial" button and you will see a prompt on the screen that asks you to enter in a "Service Code". Enter in the following:

(Six zeros)

There's no need to push okay or anything like that, once you have entered in the service code, you should be in the menu. Enjoy. Hope this helps someone out there!

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    Enjoy: #*462633*#900#

    Works with G900EM
    Use the LG phone app to insert the code. Problem can also be it's a specific model number. This code works for any European unlocked Velvet G900EM and probably other global unlocked models.