LG VK410 - Dual Boot Patcher Error

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Hi, I See That The Lg G Pad 7.0 VK410 Is Not Supported On Dual Boot Patcher. I Used Some Scripts To Give It Unofficial Support, I Am Running Android 4.4.2 And I Downloaded A KDZ For Android 5.0.2. And I Converted It Into A Zip File. However, After Patching And Flashing The File, Booting To The ROM Gives Me The Following Error: ERROR: Boot Certification Verify. I Did Everything I Could. But I Could Use Some Help.


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As I can see you are proud owner of a softbricked tablet.
My recommendation: re-flash tablet's Stock ROM to get rid off of all mods you applied to the tablet.
I Also Have A LG-VS985 And I Downgraded It To 4.4.2, And Ended Up Finding A Android 6 Stock Zip File, I Used It For Dualbooting The VS985 AND IT WORKED! I Don't Know How But I Still Need Help With My VK410, ZIP FOR VS985: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/vs985-47a-stock-flashable-firmware.3304365/

UPDATE: I Used The Boot.img That Came With The Zip And Flashed It With Flashify And Instead Of The Error, It Goes To Fastboot Mode, Getting Somewhere...
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