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LG2 install lineages OS 17.1

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New member
Jan 5, 2021
Hi ,

I have a LG2 D802 with lollipop.

I try to install lineage OS 17.1 with TWRP and I have an error.

The updater-script does :
assert(run_program("/sbin/sh", "-c", "aboot=`strings /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot | grep mdss_mdp.panel=`; if [ -z \"$aboot\" ]; then exit 1; fi") == 0 || abort("Wrong Aboot version, please update!"););
But the command shell strings doesn't exit on my phone. I checked that myself with adb prompt.

Mayby I can remove this script line.

Does someone know how check that my aboot is ok for lineage OS 17.1 ?
I noticed that lineage OS 17.1 flash the boot partition, so I would like to be sur that aboot can launch it.

To give more informations I used LGG2-D80230d-OneClickRootRecovery to root and install TWRP on my phone.
LGG2-D80230d-OneClickRootRecovery has flashed aboot , laf , and boot partitions.