like running WSA-with-magisk-GApps-pico_2204.40000.20.0_x64_Release-Nightly on my PC. Android 12.1 on WSA on Win11. I included images of games & stuff

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May 1, 2021

LineageOS 19.1 for SM-T580 (gtaxlwifi) is running only on my tablet, sorry for the confusion , the below software is also based on Android 12.1. I edited my heading since I wrote I like the Samsung rom about my tablet , which is not related to what I found below, I don't know what if any kernel it using, the message I got back maybe confusion the XDA staff that moved it to the windows subform which I didn't know at the time existed here. Again the above info about my tablet and the below topic is more about how I found Android 12 now can be run on windows 11.​

Magisk on WSA (with Google Apps) on windows 11, I been able to play with and make an X64 for my computer, not sure I don't think we can use the arm64 port under windows 11, but in any case the X64 for the most part is able besides running offically kindle appstore and kindle app under windows 11 now, and offically microsoft has release it as that, this below is unoffical since its not supported, also it can run google playstore and play books but its not completely stable for me, it can run it fine then the next minute its crashing its windows on my gigabyte desktop, I haven't tried them on my laptop yet, it maybe more stable on my nvidia laptop or my intel based laptop, not sure since they do crash on my desktop at times they run fine, but again its really new, microsoft just put Kindle playstore, with Windows Subsystem for android in microsoft store, the kindle playstore from microsoft store also crashes just like the unoffical version, I don't think its out of beta software state, yet, but wanted to share it here, if in any case , anyway one who releases stuff like LineageOS for my tablet , wants to take a look at this project below, I just forked it at my github, the offical links to there project are below too, I am just sharing it here, in hopes that the more people know about it the better the project will get, also its better than running an android emulator on windows 11, or at least it would be if it didn't crash on my gigabyte desktop, with my nvidia rtx 2080 3D card. under windows subsystem you can select which 3D card it runs on, I haven't tried playing much games on the project below but I beat while its running stable the 3D games will play better, I have also tried blue stacks on windows before, but I do prefer the projects idea below more. under my builds below I included the keep Kindle Appstore, but if anyone wants that can be removed too, same for Magisk you can build it without that too in it if you want. on the github website. since microsoft removed the ebooks feature, I think the idea of using either play books under windows 11 or other ebook android based e readers is a great idea, but at times I do miss the build of edge that was able to open epub files. you can also set the windows subsystem for android when using the play books app on windows 11 to use the text to speech from android you can play aloud the ebooks with androids voices like in english US or english UK if you prefer, that's another nice thing that works with the below project.​

Website for its project below,

so when I log out of my account, then the files are not downloadable, I don't know if it was that way before or if something at that site changed, in any case, you can fork the project on your own github account and create the files if you don't have access to them. I was able to download the x64 build and use it just fine, but there maybe sharing rules at github that I am not aware if since I am a new user using it.

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May 1, 2021
Someone here sent me a question about my post to better explain I found this when searching the web about it's not created by me and I followed the pages instructions about forking it on GitHub.

Is related to the project I found at but the below project to my understanding of it not officially support since it runs more than just Kindle app store stuff like Kindle for Android. Again I just like an college student that found it online. When searching stuff

Below is a message I got when posting here, just reply back to that's questions here too if anyone else was wondering.

I have a few questions for you.

First, is this Windows software, such as for a virtual machine?
Second, where is your kernel source?

Your timely response is appreciated.

XDA Staff

They ask me these questions , I as A college student try to answer it as best I found, windows based software, it's like a virtuàl machine , I think it's sort of more native app but I am not sure runs on windows 11 and works to bring Android 12.1 to windows 11 in Microsoft store you can only run Kindle app and Kindle app store but as above project is for allows more real Android software to work, that's the point of it, since it runs on top of windows , I don't know if there's any kernel source . I don't think it has a kernel but I could be wrong, anyway I wanted to post a direct reply here to if any other home users had questions, I hope I explain it better, I am running it for ebook reads Android based for my own personal desktop and for the Android games that can be played on windows, but I also use custom stuff from here on my Samsung Galaxy tab but I just wanted to share what I found with others if they didn't know about that project which I think is really cool that someone created that for windows 11. From my understanding of the windows subsystem for Android is I read somewhere online that it using an Android 12.1 version , the above project says something to that from what I remember seeing somewhere about it.
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May 1, 2021
some shared screen captures of stuff you can do on windows 11 with android. one shows two games I install, and a few ebook readers, was able to install marvels android app, not the login has a bug, otherwise you can get other comic views on android in play store, that will work just as well, I don't know if the marvel app works correctly on a real android tablet or not, not sure which app I was using for viewing them before, but on windows I was unable to get that to log in. maybe has to do with the software still beta to run android since it has sometimes crash on my desktop, otherwise all these apps seem to work more or less. comic & manga by Comixology is the working app, that other one listed as marvel doesn't log in but the one in the first image here does. and the comics download and are viewer it seems. so you can either view them on your tablet or your pc :)










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Aug 25, 2022
i tried to open that link but
github says this repository is disabled by github because it was violating
is there any other way to get that build
please help


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May 1, 2021
i tried to open that link but
github says this repository is disabled by github because it was violating
is there any other way to get that build
please help
search for MagiskOnWSA on github others reloaded it there, someone had gotten it back up,, anyway its not very stable the apps once and a while seem to crash or close on there own, i hope once its bettter that they run without problems in the future.


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Oct 16, 2022
How to delete WSA-avec-magisk-GApps-pico_2208.40000.5.0_x64_Release-Nightly
to reinstall it whith Powershell
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What version of powershell are you using? Download the latest version available (currently 7.2.6). And when installing the "Magisk on WSA" subsystem, right click on the Install.ps1 file and select "open with", then go to the folder that installed powershell and open with it.


Jan 1, 2022
What version of powershell are you using? Download the latest version available (currently 7.2.6). And when installing the "Magisk on WSA" subsystem, right click on the Install.ps1 file and select "open with", then go to the folder that installed powershell and open with it.

version of powershell 1.15.2875.0
link latest version
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Dec 11, 2022
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How to uninstall WSA is to be answered as follows:

1. Close all Android apps.

2. Open the Start menu :win:, and click/tap on the All apps button:

3. Right click or press and hold on Windows Subsystem for Android, and click/tap on Uninstall.

4. Click/tap on Uninstall to confirm. (see screenshots below)

Credits: Windows ElevenForum

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