Lineage OS 13 for Honor 7

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    * Your warranty is now void.
     * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
     * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications,
     * and if you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
     * Please DO A BACKUP of your System and datas , then COPY it on your computer
    Hi everybody , this is Stable built port of the Lineage OS 13 (P8 rom) from @AD2076 to Honor 7 device
    11/07/2017 NEW : full rom v4.1 ( available with OTA updater now, see downloads)
    Screenshots :


    Bugs :


    Signal or Switch 4G/3G/2G : fixed 07/07/2017 :good:
    Video recording don't work with CM/Google and many camera apps : look at "Working" section please
    2nd sim card : fixed 12/06/2017 :good:
    IR blaster: IR do flash light on v2.0 but signal is not good to control TV etc ... (need more investigations) :confused:
    maybe others .. :confused:

    Working :
    Video recording with :"Footej Camera" , "Cameringo" and "Camu" (extra in zip)
    Dual Sim Cards (since v3.0)
    Wifi / bluetooth
    All tethering
    GPS is Fast !!
    Root ( lineage in-build SU )
    SDcard : please don't use uggly "adoptable" storage.

    Extras (Read post #02 for good usage ) :
    Support for Link to SD
    Support for iSU ( hide root and pass Safety Net )
    Adaway ( block ADDS )
    Fingerprint ( add action to fingerprint )
    Gello Web Browser
    Root Browser
    Power Toggles
    Smartwake ( go to sleep in pocket )
    Status Bar ( custom your Stat bar )
    Footej Camera
    Dark Theme

    Changelog Updates (Read post #02 for good usage ) :
    System changes and tweaks (v4.1 2017_07_11)
    Fix Settings Network Switch LTE/3G/2G
    Fix "screen superposition detected"
    Add "SwitchLTE" in /system/SwitchLTEsim/
    Battery Optimization for service google play
    Update Eleven (Music)
    Add Open Gapps Installer
    Cleaned ramdisk
    Extra Apps Updated / Added
    AIMP player
    WiFi OnOFF
    removed SmartWake
    **OTA v3.1 => 27/06/2017 :**
    *-Enabled HONOR 7 PLK-L01 Names/iD,*
    *-Off HwHisiRIL (for dual sim datas switch),*
    *-Deactivate useless NFC service,*
    *-Somethings i forget ...*
    **Extra Apps Updated / Added:**
    *-Footej (camera),*
    *-Cameringo (camera),*
    *-Xposed PowerNap*
    **OTA v3.0 => 14/06/2017 :**
    * Fix dual sim cards issue (ramdisk+build.prop)
    * Small changes in platform-res
    * Deactivate useless services (ramdisk)
    * Cumulated with v2.0 extras
    **OTA v2.0 => 06/06/2017 :**
    *-Reworked governors (in Kernel),*
    *-Optimized props for Safety Net (UnXposed version),*
    *-Set HwHisiRIL by default (better battery life),*
    *-Small changes in Framework,*
    *-Add IR files (but no apps works properly yet),*
    *-Add files to change screen size and dpi,*
    *-Adapt bootanimation for all screens sizes,*
    *-Somethings i forget ...*
    **Extra Apps Updated / Added :**
    *-Footej (camera),*
    *-Cameringo (camera),*
    *-Camu (camera),*
    *-Naptime (force doze)*
    **Aroma Options :**
    *-Add or Uninstall Xposed,*
    *-Xposed Addition,*
    *-Xposed Android N_ify,*
    *-Xposed Amplify,*
    *-Choice Emoji icons,*
    *-Clean logs,*
    *-Clean Dalvik*

    THX and Credits :
    @nexolight (XDA)
    @AD2076 (XDA)
    @Meticulus (Github)
    @XePeleato (Github)
    @surdu Pedru (Github)
    @papsi177 (XDA)
    @bhb27 (XDA)
    @ Mohammed Huwais at
    @ IF i forget you , tell me ...

    Please use THIS RECOVERY (TWRP 3.0 ) :
    If you're coming from EMUI / or want a clean Install
    1 : Goto: / Settings / lockscreen : Delete your Fingerprints if exist
    2 : Reboot recovery
    3 : Do a backup (system/cust/boot/datas) and copy it to computer
    4 : Do Full Wipe
    5: Install the Lineage OS
    6 : Do not reboot (wait 2mn TWRP will wake up)
    7 : Install Gapps if you need some. ( choice ARM64 / android 6.0 )
    8 : Now Cross your fingers and reboot

    If you're coming from beta CM 13 / Alpha Lineage by WBT : you may can keep your datas.
    Please use THIS RECOVERY (TWRP 3.0 ) :
    1 : Be sure you have your favorite Gapps package
    2 : Reboot recovery
    3 : Do a backup (system/boot/datas) and copy it to computer
    4 : Do wipe dalvik
    5: Install the Lineage OS
    6 : Do not reboot (wait 2mn TWRP will wake up)
    7 : Install Gapps if you need some. ( choice ARM64 / android 6.0 )
    8 : Now Cross your fingers and reboot


    1 : Reboot recovery
    2 : Do a backup (system/boot/datas) and copy it to computer
    3 : Reboot and Run OTA app
    4 : Download Update/check md5/install
    5 : Now Cross your fingers and reboot

    NEW : full rom v4.1 (also available with OTA updater now)
    v4.1 :
    DO NOT MIRROR MY LINK without my authorization
    DO NOT POST/PUBLISH at any other place without my authorization


    Run OTA updates app , use settings/install preferences and disable Wipe Cache and Wipe Dalvik.
    Set your network option (default is Wi-Fi only)
    Dual Sim switch LTE sim :
    => Lineage switch data will work Only for 3G/2G if set at sim2 (only sim1 can get LTE/4G)
    => You can reverse sim slot number with script include in rom
    => Goto /system/SwitchLTEsim/ (using root browser)
    => Reverse : tap/execute/SwitchLTEsim2 and reboot
    sim1 slot will appear at sim2 and sim2 slot at sim1
    => Normal : tap/execute/SwitchLTEsim1 and reboot
    sim1 slot will appear at sim1 and sim2 slot at sim2

    HOW to use SDcard support for user apps :
    *first : i do like that coz i dont like "adoptable storage" too much
    1 : Backup your SDcard files on computer
    2 : Use TWRP 3.0 and goto :
    Advanced/PartitionSD card (choice Micro SDCard) press OK
    3 : EXT Size ( choice how many Mo you want to convert to Link apps ) and choose EXT4 file system
    4 : Swype to partition will FORMAT your SD to Fat32 + xx Mo to EXT4.
    5 : Reboot and open link2SD , allow root access
    6 : Do create scripts , choice EXT4 , you will have a error , ignore it !!
    7 : Reboot , and now you can use Link2SD to Link apps you want on EXT4.
    DO NOT USE iSU to hide root : it will break linked apps

    HOW to hide root if needed :
    - full version is also a TOOL to change beetwen Xposed and UnXposed:
    Exemple : you installed with Xposed but now you need to Snapchat
    =>In Aroma disable "Flash rom vX.X and Boot" = system will not be formated
    =>In Aroma disable any other option will do nothings .. (you don't need to install Xtra Apps again)
    =>In Aroma disable "Xposed Installer and Framework" = Xposed removed, iSU installed
    => Reboot your device ...
    => Run iSU and give authorisations ..
    => In control : Deactive SU , Set SELinux to Enforcing (check Enforcing is realy wrote)
    DO NOT USE WITH LINK2SD linked apps : it will break links
    => In CHECKS : use Safety Net test , it will pass ...
    => Now install Snapchat and log-in ..
    You can reverse to Xposed version with Aroma ....
    Original iSU thread :

    Change Screen size and DPI :
    - Can be usefull to see some apps in Playstore (exemple : amazon is availlable for xhdpi but not for xxhdpi)
    - Can be usefull to keep more battery when screen is on

    - Use Root browser, go to system/SetScreenSize/
    - Tape the Screen you want to use and Execute it
    - Device will do a fast reboot to change "res/values" for apps
    - The change is done on "data" not on "system"
    Are you working on something now ?
    Yesss , and alway to see a better battery life.
    - Adopt HwHisiRIL , ( for now it make bug the network switch LTE/3G/2G and Status) but some peoples got better network and maybe less battery drain, with this enable : signal is green on battery stats.
    - Test governor Ondemand for BIG core.
    - Test Screen Size to xhdpi , (320 dpi and resized screen to 820x1458) ,it look to drain very less battery when on screen, and for me it's still very nice , i don't see the difference witht 1080x1920. ( same idea than Nexus users do to get xxhdpi)
    - here you can see how many less GPU got to work :

    With all theses changes i now got :
    6h35 "on screen"
    33h45 "screen off"
    Available on v2.0 , see post #02 for use
    Cordially , *.*Speedo*.*
    @Speedo.thc Do you plan on working on porting lineage OS 14 from p8 ? Or fixing Lineage OS 13 bugs is your priority now?

    Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
    Hi my friend , the OS 13 seems to be good now , bugs are :
    - video Camera with many apps. (work with some 3 parts app )
    - switch 4G/3G/2G when using HwHisiRil. (work if HwHisiRil is de-activated)
    - signal if removed HwHisiRil (work if HwHisiRil is activated)
    - FM radio
    - ir Blaster
    I still work on it when i have some time.
    if/when a OS 14 will work for P8 , i will do my best to get it for H7
    14/06/2017 : v3.0 available with OTA updates (see downloads)
    - Fix dual sim cards issue (ramdisk+build.prop)
    - Small changes in platform-res
    - Deactivate useless services (ramdisk)
    - Extra Apps Updated / Added
    Have a nice day !!