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May 17, 2021
Oh, I've forgotten to answer this question; sorry! :oops:
I'm using my own 18.1 build as daily driver.
At my own device stable as hell and up to date regarding security fixes!
Edit: Camera is a little bit buggy in all build beginning with los 15.1 but I can live with that issue...
You`re doing an amazing job anyway. Thank you for your work and for your attention! I'm on stock with green kernel. Will test your 18.1!

Btw how do android versions differ in performance and resource requiring? Is 11 the fastest/lightest?
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Sep 22, 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
The most performant version is my 14.1. But there haven't been security updates since June 2021.

The higher the version number, the lower the performance. My 18.1 build sometimes feels a little bit laggy...

This seems to be logically, because of newer versions of Android have more complexity and therefore more "inner mechanisms" to work correctly.


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Apr 5, 2020
3G is already shut down here in Germany (or it will be at the end of 2021 for the provider O2).
I for myself haven't seen any issues with that.
My z5c is still working.
My carrier keep sending alerts about this, and so I read up: seems a VoLTE capable device is needed, and so perhaps I should do some contingency planning. That said, I love using these builds but would appreciate any recommendations for a device that are known to work nicely with Lineage builds. Thanks Again!!


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Apr 30, 2020
Hi again Berni!
Meanwhile I migrated to 18.1. While most of the time if feels more fast and snappy then 17.1 sometimes apps are being killed (I guess, they run out of memory). But when I start with SELINUX set to enforced, an important framework (xposed bzw. LSPosed) is not starting at all. With permissive SELINUX it works ok. I send you the logs via PM. Maybe we can do something about it.
And then I experienced, that in evening light surroundings, with ambilight sensor active, when activating the screen, it always starts at lowest light level, with is not a big issue, but still a bit nerving, because a bit too dark. Someone else also has this issue?


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Dec 13, 2020
Hello Berni
thank you for your effort.

I unlocked the Bootloader on my Z5C (SO-02H) using the qUnlockTool.
Only SO-02H_32.1.F.1.98_1299-7123_R22C can get the firmware of this terminal.
I have installed LineageOS 14.1
I can't proceed from the first animation.
Unfortunately, Flashtool does not accept overseas versions of firmware.
Is there a way to use LineageOS 14.1?

best regards.

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    Hi all:

    This is a thread for my alternative LineageOS 14.1 roms for suzuran.

    I'm building these roms from time to time for my own needs and I think other people should participate.

    Since the "official" development of LineageOS 14.1 has been stopped, I decided to build a new version only if the Android security patch level has been changed or I've changed anything.

    Download 2021-07-19

    This is a 7z archive with the zip'ed rom and the md5 file in it. Please unpack this archive, copy the included two files somewhere to your device, reboot into TWRP and flash this zip file. Enable zip verification and md5sum checking. Maybe you have to rename the md5 file to *.md5sum; depending on the TWRP version you are using.

    Kernel sources
    Tree sources

    • OS Version: 7.1.2 Nougat
    • Kernel: Linux 3.10
    • New: Android security patch level: 5 June 2021
    • Using sony blob's from stock version 32.4.A.1.54

    Important informations:
    • You should be familiar with general installation of custom roms.
    • Required for installation: TWRP 3.1.1 (or newer).
      OR use my self built TWRP-version 3.5.2!
    • No need for making a clean install, but sometimes it helps a lot!
    • This rom is pre-rooted. For those who want to use magisk or any other rooting tool, you can easily remove this by flashing this file.

    Use this rom at your own risk! It comes without any warranty! I'm not responsible for any damage! If you don't agree with that, don't try to flash this rom in any way.

    Differences between my version and the "official" one:

    • Kcal Display Driver - Thanks to @GreyLeshy and @Sony user 16
    • Voltage Control - Thanks to @GreyLeshy and @Sony user 16
    • OMS-Support - Thanks to @nathanchance
    • Added F-Droid and UnifiedNLP! If you don't want this, simply de-install it.
    • I've included some little extensions like changelog and volume adjustment.
    • I've set maximum speaker volume to a higher value.
    • I've increased microphone gain.
    • I've increased all volume steps from 7 to 15.
    • I've changed the microfone gain to avoid echo in phone calls.
    • I've enabled data for MMS.
    • I've enabled MHL.
    Not working:
    • VoLTE, VoWiFi
    • If you want to use encryption, you have to disable SIM PIN first!
    One (last) request: Please don't ask for including any app. I won't do this, because I want to keep this rom as clean as possible.



    • If you're running into an error, please search in this thread if this error is already posted, before you post it again!
      If not, I need a LOG to see what went wrong. Without a LOG I can't help you!
      A LOG can be fetched by connecting the device with an USB cable to your PC and then by typing these commands line by line:
      adb root
      adb shell logcat -b all -d > logcat
      Send my this LOG file via PM.
    • If you think this could be a SELinux related issue, please try to set the device to permissive mode first.
      If the issue is gone, I need the policy file too (plus LOG). Fetch it by typing this line in a terminal:
      adb pull /sys/fs/selinux/policy
    • If you stuck in a bootloop you can fetch a LOG with this trick:
      • Press the power button and the volume up button together until the device shuts down.
      • HOLD the power button.
      • Release the volume up button and press the volume down button immediately after releasing the volmue up button.
      • The device should start into TWRP recovery.
      • Tap on "Advanced", then on "Terminal" and enter these commands line by line:
        cd sys/fs/pstore
        cp * /sdcard
      • Send me the copied file(s), if any, via PM.
    New version out; see 1st post.
    Android security patch level: 05 May 2020
    New version out; see 1st post
    New version out; see 1st post
    2019-Christmas Eve version out; see 1st post