LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1.0) for S7 Edge build 53 18.20.2020.

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Nov 17, 2010
Under my bed...
GPS don't work. What we have is location based on Wi-Fi and cell towers.

Yes that is correct and don't use it to find anything because it really doesn't work I tried the other day when I tried to find the National Theater in London. It doesn't give you an accurate position so you just have to look around your surrounding till you find it.


Feb 7, 2018
is it normal that every single image is very low quality ? photos, icons, Google play store icons...

is it there a camera that works well with the S7E's camera ? (60fps mostly)

oh and I don't know if this has been reported yet, but the audio stutters when I press the home button

You can try the Gcam port by miniuser123 it has a thread here. As for those stutters I don't have this issue it may be due to a mod you're using.


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Jan 5, 2017
Anyone else getting a ridiculous amount of FC's after installing?

I have had about 35-40 in about 3 mins. I reboot, then everything is fine for about 45 mins, then everything starts to FC again....

whats going on?


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Jan 5, 2017
ok so i just clean installed and all this new version does is hit kernel panic and restart....its its unusable

No Apps display notifications, xposed doesnt install, phone keeps crashing.

does anyone have a link to the last least that worked

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since you didnt....theres your problem dude

ok so i just clean installed and all this new version does is hit kernel panic and restart....its its unusable

No Apps display notifications, xposed doesnt install, phone keeps crashing.

does anyone have a link to the last least that worked

the clean install is worse than the dirty, this still doesnt have fingerprint after reboot
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Jul 30, 2009
ok so i just clean installed and all this new version does is hit kernel panic and restart....its its unusable

No Apps display notifications, xposed doesnt install, phone keeps crashing.

does anyone have a link to the last least that worked

---------- Post added at 10:51 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:45 AM ----------

the clean install is worse than the dirty, this still doesnt have fingerprint after reboot
stupid question nutt do you have an s7 edge?


Dec 11, 2017
Someone tested if s-view-cover works on this rom? In search there is nothing about s-view-cover...
Thx in advance for reply.

Just a bit of info for you. Do not expect any official gear to be supported in ASOP the S-view cover only has a chance of working on Touchwiz roms. This is also for Gear VR, Any official Cases with time showing. The only device i can say that works is samsung smart watches (AFTER DOING SOME CHANGES). So no s-view doesnt work since it needs AOD to be able to function which doesnt exist in ASOP.
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    LineageOS 15.1 for hero2lte

     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    - Camera
    - Camcorder
    - Wifi
    - Sound
    - mali drivers
    - USB tethering
    - Video Playback
    - Fingerprint Sensor
    - Ril (Mobile data,calls, sms and stuff)
    - Sensors
    - Buttons and their backlight
    - Bluetooth
    - Wifi HotSpot
    - MTP
    - 2D and 3D gpu acceleration
    - Stuff I didn't test yet
    - HW encoding/decoding
    - Charging with device powered off
    - HWcomposer (HWC)
    - GPS
    - Screen cast
    - Bluetooth in call audio

    Not working

    (some bugs also require dmesg and/or (last_)kmsg and/or /data/tombstones/*)

    Install gapps right after installing the rom itself dont try to boot to system before that

    Google Drive

    MD5: 1a864a2487da8df0bcf18f28d17afe88


    15.0 Build and gapps

    Google Drive
    MD5: 3862B94FDE06F4DF904CBF502B210940
    If you can't boot phone up after installing OpenGapps please use A-GAPPS

    I do this in my free time so bear that in mind when you notice I didn't fix known bug in next available build, Currently i work on this alone and i am not one of those kangers that just copy source and claim it as their own work,
    if you want to support the project feel free to buy me some coffee

    Feel free to join telegram group with early builds progress updates and some off topic stuff Join

    Based On Android 8.1.0 Oreo

    - Merged february 2020 security update
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Merged december security update
    - Misc performance and stability updates

    - upstreamed kernel to 3.18.140
    - Updated to June 2019 security update
    - Updated to May 2019 vendor (samsung side) security update
    - bsp side performance updates

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.138
    - Synced with april security update
    - Enabled quota support on /data partition
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated to march security pattch
    - Added aptx and aptxhd codecs for bt audio
    - Added HealthServices and permissions (Heart rate monitor is reported by the app now but it still needs to be granted missing permissions
    Ill resolve issues with that in next release hopefully)
    - Misc performance and stability updates
    - Synced with los source

    - Merged February security update related to samsung source
    - Added 2 more missing macloader mappings
    (if you continue having issues send me first half of /efs/wifi/
    - Fixed Bluetooth issues introduced with february security update
    (if you continue having issues send me first half of /efs/bluetooth/bt_addr)
    - merged FXXU3ERL3 source to kernel
    - Updated kernel to 3.18.136
    - Misc performance and stability updates
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.134
    - merged February 2019. security update
    - Added another missing mac oui
    *(If you are still having wifi issues send me first half of your /efs/wifi/
    - Audio: Improved handling of ril_set_call_clock_sync which would mute calls on some devices
    - Audio: Resolved issues where there was race condition when connected to bt listening to navigation and recieving a call would cause call to be muted
    - Audio: Fixed call recording (Use external app from play store, Ive tested "Automatic Call Recorder" and it was working fine)
    - Audio: Fixed voip over BT headset
    - Audio: Fixed audioserver crash on in_get_capture_position()
    - Audio : Misc cleanup and stability improvements
    - General performance and stability improvements

    - Updated list of mac addresses
    * If you are still having issues send me first half of /efs/wifi/, I need it for OUI lookup
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.132
    - Bumped vendor security level to january
    - Added mapping for more mac addresses
    *If you are still having issues send me first half of /efs/wifi/, I need it for OUI lookup
    You shouldnt have any privacy concerns as first half is used to identify wifi chip manufacturer
    and this is really only way to handle it (
    - Misc performance and stability updates
    - Synced with los source

    - Removed old bluetooth and wifi firmwares
    - Upstreamed kernel to 3.81.131
    - Resolved issue where battery would drop on reboot/shutdown due to max capacity from kernel not being saved in system
    - Moved wifi related configs to /data/misc/conn/ from /data/ to comply with new kernel
    - Resolved issue where some wifi chips wouldnt gether right firmware on bootup
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated vendor blobs to December security patch (FXXU3ERL3)
    - Added Sim Toolkit app by default
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.128
    - Merged XXU3ERJE samsung kernel source
    - Added double tap to wake (Can be disabled from settings->Display)
    - Moved doze to Settings->Display from main settings page
    - Merged December security update
    - General performance and stability improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.127
    - Added missing mac address for new revisions of s7 that had weak signal due to missing mapping
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.125
    - Fixed potentional crash while in call
    - Improved WBS bt handling
    - Imported Novender security update blobs from samsung (ril, should imrpove its stability and battery life a bit)
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Merged november security update
    - Resolved bluetooth in call audio issues
    - fixed issue where NFC wouldn't turn on after being off for too long
    - Misc stability and performance improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Imported XXU3ERJ3 vendor blobs
    (Camera, OMX, RIL)
    - Fixed Emergency Alerts
    - Updated Service Provider Name list
    - Added thermal hal
    - Misc stability and performance improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Resolved issues with USB audio input and output devices
    - Moved gps xtra server config to overlay (faster lock time on gps)
    - Updated Service provider name list
    - Updated to newest vendor security patch (FXXS3ERJ2/October 2018) (ril,camera,gps,wifi/bt.)
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated to linux kernel 3.18.124
    - Cleaned up kernel source
    - General performance and stability improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Resolved call audio quality issues
    - Synced with los source

    - Updated mali drivers to R22P0 from R12P0
    * This should improve graphics performance, stability and battery life
    - Updated OMX libraries
    - Updated gralloc
    - Updated camera libraries to oreo
    * This drastically improves image quality in proper light conditions
    - Removed BT WBS flag that forced it into wideband speach mode
    * If you are still having issues with nt calls try setting
    audio_hal.force_voice_config=wide or audio_hal.force_voice_config=narrow
    in build.prop
    - Updated all of the other prebuilt libraries to oreo ones
    - Resolved issues where camera wouldnt take video in some apps (gcam)
    - General stability, security and performance improvements
    - Removed unused prebuilt binaries
    - Removed all of the shims that became deprecated due to switch to oreo blobs
    - removed camera wrapper (new camera hal works out of the box without manipulation)
    - Synced with LOS source
    - Take a not that this build also has a lot of changes under the hood that
    drastically improve its stability and performance

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.123
    - Disabled force WBS for bluetooth calls (should improve bt calls compatibility with some devices)
    - Synced with los source

    - Upstreamed linux kernel to 3.18.122
    - Security updates
    - Synced with LOS Source

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.121
    - September security patch merged
    - Adjusted Auto brightness values
    - Enabled HW mpeg2 decoder (In case app developers really feel like using it)
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Merged linux 3.18.120
    - Merged new smasung kernel drop ERH1
    - Fixed issues on some devices with murata samsung wifi chip (if you are still having issues with low signal send me first half of phones mac address)
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated kernel to 3.18.119
    - Fixed issues where live display wouldnt persist after locking the device
    - Fixed issues with CTS props
    - Updated media profiles (OMX performance)
    - Reimplemeted color calibration and sunlight enhancements
    - Misc stability and performance improvements (See git)
    - Synced with los source

    - Switched to simplified camera wrapper (This will help with camera stability and it will be easier for me to trace down which flags are causing quality issues)
    - Updated build fingerprint and description (safetynet)
    - Removed flag that enabled ADB by default
    - Builds are now signed (No more test keys, and it also makes them more secure as it prevents non signed builds to be installed on top)
    - Misc changes (Stability and performance improvements)
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated libion memory management
    - Removed config that was confliciting with 5GHz wifi networks
    - Switched to auto generated hidl manifest
    - Removed broken livedisplay implementation (Falls back to aosp one now)
    - Merged August Security Patch
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated WiFi firmware
    - Updated Audio firmware
    - Updated Bluetooth Firmware
    - More screen cast imporvements
    - Updated APN list
    - Enabled BT WBS by default
    - Enabled BT LE mode
    - Switched to 16kHz WBS profile
    - Fixed MMS Profiles
    - Fixed bug where some UI elements would show that FP sensor is on the back of the device
    - LiveDisplay improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Fixed Wireless display (Screen mirroring)
    - Fixed Operator name displaying as numbers for some users
    - Fixed support for NV12 YUV Pixel format support
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated to ERG2 kernel sources
    - Imrpoved stability battery life and it shouldnt overheat anymore
    - Updated NFC drivers
    - This should resolve all remaining nfc issues that were present for some users
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Completely swapped kernel to a new base (ERF4) and upstreamed to 3.18.91
    - No more random reboots (No matter which gapps you use either)
    - general stability improvements
    - performance improvements
    - battery life improvements
    - Added new mac ranges to macloader algiorithm
    - This will ensure people that had weak wifi signal will have better reception as their chip
    will get properly detected (If you are still having issues with wifi range feel free to reach me
    in PM ill need first half of phones mac address)
    - Switched to oreo ril blobs
    - This will improve signal strenght
    - Battery life
    - General ril stack stability (voice/data/sms)
    - Fixed Drm content
    - New version of netflix app will work so will apps that depend on it
    - Added nfc wrapper (this should help with nfc stability)
    - Removed kernel is not seandroid enforcing warning
    - Fixed GPS
    - Updated all of the gps and sensor blobs to ones from oreo ERF4
    - This wont help you locate nearby seals tho, they dont want to be seen and will keep hidding from gps
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Added auto build fingerprint/description fixup function (This can replace safetynet fix) (Only works with OREO bootloader)
    - Enabled SdcardFS (Improves flash memory read/write speeds, Not only sdcard)
    - Revamped audio hal (Stability imporvements with audio/bt audio)
    - Added custom livedisplay that looks better than previous one
    - Stability improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated mali driver prop to 3.20 to advertise new apis and vulkan properly
    - Removed AudioFX (It was broken on all non qcom devices)
    - Improved sound quality on speaker and earphones
    - Switched to local APN list (This should solve issues where some users had to manually sellect their APN)
    - Added auto detection in BT settings for device name so flat builds dont show as s7 edge on bluetooth as default anymore, they get properly identified as s7 flat now
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated sensor blobs
    - Enabled and fixed WiFI display support (miracast,samsung smart tv and such)
    - Fixed bug where touch would stay active in call
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Updated OMX blobs
    - Switched to prebuilt libExynosOMX_Core and libExynosOMX_Resourcemanager (Should resolve issues where yt audio would start without video and decrease a chance of framedrops)
    - Enabled OMX
    - switched to open source implementations of :
    (...Insert more changes here...)
    - Switched to new (private) BSP source, This should improve general system performance and stability
    - Fixed HWC (Improved performance of UI since it uses gpu for it which also improves battery life)
    - Synced with LOS source
    - Misch changes and improvements (Sorry too lazy for changelog as this build just includes too many changes, Ill try to list them here soon)

    - Improved stability of front camera in stock camera app
    - Stability and performance improvements
    - Synced with LineageOS source

    - Switched to a new camera app
    - Added 4k recording profiles for other camera apps
    - Stability improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Fixed issues introduced in previous build

    - Fixed key configuration
    - Switched adb to FlashFS interface from legacy
    - Fixed issues with accelerometer auto rotation
    - even more OMX improvements
    - synced kernel defconfig with android-3.18-o-mr1 recommended config
    - Improvements to fingerprint sensor hal
    - audio and ril improvements (Microphone wont get muted in call anymore) and ril hal has been cleaned up
    - Resolved out of memory issues with dalvik/art config which caused around 99% of random reboots
    (Note biggest gapps you should ever use with rom are micro there are issues with gapps themselves)
    - enabled and fixed sdcardfs (This should improve internal storage rw speed)

    - Added samsungs sdfat filesystem to support exFAT formated sd cards

    - Fixed charging with device powered off
    - Resolved conflcts with OpenGapps
    - Added support for korean device variants
    - Improved stability of OMX
    - NFC chip firmware now updates to latest provided firmware from drivers
    - Imrpovements to audio and ril hal (Check my github if you really want to know)
    - system partition now mounts early in boot proces (Should speed up boot a bit)
    - Fixed delay when turning on torch
    - Fingerpeint sensor doesnt look for fingerprint while screen is off anymore(Moar battery and it was unreliable
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Fixed HW encoding/decoding (finally)
    - Fixed most of the remaining random reboot issues
    - Updated media profiles and codecs config (More file formats should play now)
    - Synced with LOS source

    - fixed apn for MMS on some dual apn carriers
    - Boosted micrphone volume
    - Moved from staging/lineage-15.1 to stable branch
    - Added lineage overlays for dark UI
    - Synced with los source

    - Fixed hardware compass
    - added back some HRM sensor permissions
    - Added toggle for button backlight
    - Fixed key disabler reseting after reboot
    - Merged latest LOS source

    - Audio and bluetooth hal imporovements
    - Fixed LED notification light on charging and other events
    - Fixed vibrator intensity changing
    - Added smart dimming aka Flicker free mode to kernel ( use "echo 1 > /sys/class/lcd/panel/smart_on" to enable it, its disabled by default)
    - Added advanced reboot
    - Added button settings and button disabled
    - Synced with LOS source (Quite a few new features have been added to LOS since last update)

    - Improvements to bluetooth and audio hal
    - Synced with LOS source

    - Synced with LOS source (few new features are implemented to LOS)
    - stability improvements
    - Switched to linaro for kernel toolchain
    - Misc updates and fixes

    - Fixed random reboots that were present during first boot
    - Enabled home button wakeup
    - Added more advanced version of the doze
    - Misc stability improvements

    - Switched to staging/lineage-15.1 branch
    - Updated device source to work with 8.1
    - Fixed sensor issues 8.1 introduced
    - Fixed video playback in portrait modei n stock gallery app
    - Misc changes and bug fixes

    - Fixed all graphical glitches that were present in UI elements (Should also fix setup wiz. in some cases)
    - Updates to FP hal
    - Device tree cleaned up a bit
    - Enabled LTE menu when selecting network type
    - Misc changes and improvements

    - Enabled home button wakeup
    - APK's can now be installed from stock file manager
    - Fixed ril on Dual sim devices (G93*FD)
    - Fixed bug where some apps couldnt access internal storage (Messenger,whtsapp,instagram)
    - Misc changes and improvements to general system stability

    - Fixed senors
    - Fixed ril
    - Misc changes (See git)

    - First public release

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1.0) for S7 Edge, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.0.R
    Stable Release Date: 2020-02-18

    Created 2017-11-25
    Last Updated 2020-02-18
    More progress updates from Pie
    Mobile data is working now
    Gps is working
    All of the sensors are working
    Mobile calls dont drop randomly anymore
    MTP (and usb in general) is working
    OMX is working

    Camera is still broken and ill focus on fixing it before release everything else i tested so far
    was working

    Also note that im doing this in my free time and i dont get paid for this so please try not to rush me and message
    me asking me about ETAs its quite irritating and i dont care if X or Y device got aosp, As s7 is only device with this cpu
    and you cant compare it with devices that used same cpu as countless other devices, Thanks for understanding

    Also ill probbaly be releasing few more 15.1 builds before it goes official with minor bug fixes

    I would also like to thank everyone who donated in past as it helps with covering build server hosting









    Another progress update, Here is gps actually managing to find satelites without crashing a phone or stuff, But before next release i have to improve time it takes to lock onto satelites and fix tethering as something broke it and im still looking into cause
    Yet another quick progress update, Rebase on top of samsungs oreo drop is almost done, Kernel is ready I also updated BSP source, I just need to figure out few things about new blobs as samsungs implementation is kinda weird and i dont want to publis build that might be less stable than last one
    While I'm still working on new oreo blobs (New build should be out really soon now i really dont feel like
    releasing something that i consider unfinished)
    here is a new build that is still based on old source but comes with a lot of improvements and new los features + security patch

    - Added auto build fingerprint/description fixup function (This can replace safetynet fix) (Only works with OREO bootloader)
    - Enabled SdcardFS (Improves flash memory read/write speeds, Not only sdcard)
    - Revamped audio hal (Stability imporvements with audio/bt audio)
    - Added custom livedisplay that looks better than previous one
    - Stability improvements
    - Synced with LOS source

    Also once again really sorry there has been some delay with gps fix samsung made a lot of changes in oreo and they changed how a lot of stuff works and as i said earlier i really dont want to post something that might be unfinished
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