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LineageOS 16.0 | 19.04.2020 | Shield blobs

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Feb 15, 2020
Issue is not getting resolved. Facing the same.

- Tried updating the script of the version "lineage-16.0-20191206-UNOFFICIAL-mocha" there was only 1 line which had a "asset". I removed it and zipped it again to run.

- Tried downloading multiple files from different PC's, just to check if the one i have downloaded is not corrupted one.

No luck so far. Stucked at : Error 7

Updated pricess ended with error: 7
Error installing zip file '/sdcard/lineage-16.0-20191206-UNOFFICIAL-mocha.zip
Updating partition details.

:( any help ?

Still struggling and my tablet is dead since then. any help will be appreciated. Looking forward for it.


Feb 15, 2020
Make sure your device is charged. Keep pressing power button for at least 30 seconds,release it and just one time press the power button.Hope the device restarts.

my device is booting up, there is no issue with the same, however i am not able to install the rom. :( It gives me error 7, i tried renaming the script as well, but not luck.


New member
Feb 9, 2020
Got plans of LineageOS 17?

Hi! Have you got the plan to develop LineageOS 17.0 / 17.1?
I really appreciate your work and want it to go further.
btw, when will Stable LineageOS 16 with Video Playback Hardware Acceleration come out?
I will always check this site hoping to see your updates!:)


Senior Member
Nov 10, 2012
[email protected]
i have tried too many times to compile e decompile the lineage os to try to understand the reason why the camera is not working....but nothing!
I have made almost 10 roms with base os lineage....but everyone do not have access to the camera but inside seems everythings ok..camera app..libs..and so on...
Why? what is the mistake?
i think that in the framework there isn't an istruction to have access to the camera ....
the only one that run correctly is the 11/09/2018 ....
One question....how to add to this rom the patch to upgrade to the security level to 2019 almost...
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Jun 18, 2019


Jun 18, 2019
Sound Crackling is a major issue, unable to use as a media consumption device, however display artifacts can be corrected by using hw overlay in developer options, please do something about the sound please, thanks for the update ?
The sound problem has been solved

---------- Post added at 07:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:56 AM ----------

the ROM was updated
The power consumption of watching video is twice that of 7.12


May 26, 2016
Installation succeeds but fails to boot.

HI, I followed the instructions to the word, merged partitions, installed tos and recovery linked, then installed the ROM and gapps. The install succeeds for both gapps and rom and I cleared dalvik after gapps and reboot to system. LIneage boot animation shows but then tab crashes to power off state. What should I do now @Artemka2008?
P.S I didnt get option of choosing primary partition as 1 and I didnt flash shieldblobs as this rom is after nov 2018.

EDIT: Got it to boot with a workaround. Installed the 2019 release then dirty flashed this march release over it. Booted all fine but got a couple of warnings that build is signed with public keys and SElinus is not enforcing. Will update about performance. Anyway thanks for the work on the ROM!
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May 26, 2016
Getting Error Code 7 while installing on Mi Pad. Don't want to change the update-script. Any particular reason, its giving a compatibility check failure for Mi Pad? Additionally, zip verification while, installing is failing as well. Would appreciate a quick response, thanks!!!

You will get the error 7 if you use any other TWRP recovery version even if its for Mi Pad. Just use what OP has linked and you wont get the error. I was stuck on this error too because I was using the latest and not what OP linked.

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I had previously installed 14.1 and this one works just similar to it, doesn't feel much like I'm using a newer android version. But I do appreciate the effort that goes into keeping our Mi Pads alive and I thank everyone who work on it.:good:
I'll list my experience so far -
1. There is weird screen artifacting issue which can be "patched" by ticking the "disable HW overlay" option in Dev Settings. Its manageable but the settings resets itself with every reboot so will have to use tasker I guess.

2. Screen brightness is quite low for resolution of the screen but its same for all shield blob ROMs.

3. Trebuchet needs a revamp/overhaul. Its still stuck in the Nougat age and theres no "feel" of using a Pie ROM except the settings menu. I installed LAWNchair for the time being and running on pico Gapps.

4. Wifi signal strength needs to be checked, its usually 1 bar lower than other devices in the house and bluetooth stutters while using along wifi say watching youtube. It even disconnected once when I was playing a game. :confused:

5. Yes, the battery life is low, needs work.

6. I don't usually use the speakers much but I've seen the Dirac sound option in Pixel Experience roms helps quite a bit, maybe could port that feature into here :)

Okay I've said enough xD.


New member
Mar 27, 2020
For those who are having issues installing the rom and getting error 7 try this:
- put the rom zip in the device
- extract only the boot.img and put it in the device
- go to twrp
- install - image - boot.img - as boot
- reboot to twrp again
- wipe to factory reset
- install rom zip
- cry of joy :_)


New member
Apr 27, 2015
Pls help

My banking app says my system is rooted and cant proceed, may be as this is a testing rom . Any methods to byepass and use the app ? Pls help:(


Jul 16, 2019
Thank you for the rom! Thanks to you she lives on.

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I have some pbs in my game (freeze). I go to option developer and i put on the option Désactiver superpos.mater. After that no freeze in my game. all is good.
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    LineageOS 16.0

    1) active system1
    2) merged system partition
    3) BRAIN, READING SKILL and presence of basic knowledge about firmware (in the absence need learn to independently)

    1) download TosForPSCI-0.1.zip
    2) unzip TosForPSCI-0.1.zip
    3) download recovery-03.11.2018
    4) go to fastboot mode
    5) execute command: fastboot flash tos your path to tos.img
    6) execute command: fastboot flash recovery your path to recovery-03.11.2018.img
    7) reboot to new recovery(u can execute fastboot reboot holding vol+ button)
    8) if you are on previous LineageOS 16.0 build then you may install the ROM without wipes. If you're not, make full wipes then
    9) install current LineageOS 16.0 build
    10) reboot to the system




    - the latest security patch
    - fixed graphical glitches
    - minor fixes


    - the latest security patch
    - fixed Vulkan
    - fixed OMX
    - fixed UI microlags(it may cause graphical glitches)


    The first public build

    - Cameras

    ROM folder
    Last build

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS 16.0, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi Pad

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2019-12-07
    Last Updated 2020-04-19
    the ROM was updated
    the ROM was updated
    You're THE man!
    Wonderful help!

    What about help concept on forums?!?
    Friend...go to Google to find some cats memes, it's better than your presence here! [emoji12][emoji8]

    Inviato dal mio MI 9 utilizzando Tapatalk

    Your first attempt should be to google a problem, if you can't find the solution then ask in a forum. That's what forum is for.