LineageOS 16.0 Android 9 for GT-N8000 GT-N8010 GT-N8013 GT-N8020

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Oct 30, 2020
There are software decoding issues with for example decoder and YV12 pixel format,
this could be hwcomposer related, I can't fix this yet.

I'm sorry but I still don't know why adobe apps do crash on our devices, it's the same behaviour on many other devices running on LOS. I bet they could fix this in their app, there have been for sure enough crash reports, but maybe they ignore reports from any custom ROM.


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May 11, 2015
My internal storage is not working.

I'm unable to access it even in the default file manager, and unable to read or write files.

My wifi works fine though! (I have had issues with it on some ROMs previously.)


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Jan 15, 2016
My internal storage is not working.

I'm unable to access it even in the default file manager, and unable to read or write files.

My wifi works fine though! (I have had issues with it on some ROMs previously.)
Then please make a complete log with Syslog and share it with me, maybe it's selinux related, then I will include this in the next build.


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May 6, 2021
Hi, This software is great. I problem I faced is that when I connect my tablet to sound system via USB devices does not recognize themselves and the sound is not transferred. Is there any solution for that?


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Jan 15, 2016
It hasn't been updated since 2019. It works fine on other ROMS even Android 10 but Android 9 is the only one having this issue on my tablet
Hmm ok, I have no idea why it run's on Android 10 and on 9 not, very intresting.
You could share the files you're using, maybe I have time to test this.

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    Btw, is this a problem that persists only with lineage roms? Would similiar 'scanning to pdf' apps work on your other roms- rr, slim, etc? Could u tell which ones...even android 7 is fine...
    I'm sorry but i don't know. I only know that adobe reader was working on my last nougat ROMs.
    My N8010 shows the charging animation for a couple of minutes and then it goes off. But the charge keeps happening. I do not need an animation of the Tablet turned off and charging. I am extremely happy with the ROM as it is. Yes, it would be better if it was a trucking ROM with ALL the features the Tablet used to have but, I am extremely grateful with HTML6405 for the ROM and angry at Samsung because they provide no update for this device that, otherwise, would be by now, part of a landfill or something like that.
    Because of the pandemic, I lost my job, so for me the very thought of buying now a 150 USD device to replace my N8010 is unthinkable, I have been able to avoid going in debt, and I am not going to do it in the last months of this nightmare. I am writing a book, and the tablet is EXTREMELY helpful for me to do so. I can do all the things I need to do, and some animation while the tablet is off would be nice, but I really do not need it.

    Every thing peachy with VLC and file transfers over Bluetooth and using Google Files to transfer to/from W10 and to/from my Samsung cell phone. Thanks a lot...
    Able to watch movies over my house LAN with VLC... Very happy with the ROM... Not something I need to do with the tablet, but happy I am able to do it with it...
    Very happy I am rebooting the N8010 in 50:13 seconds, less than a minute... My much newer Samsung A50, the cell phone I use, clocks at 46:79 seconds, running Android 11, so, I do not think the tablet numbers are that bad... Do not know how fast is that as compared to other devices, but I am happy with that number and with the overall performance of the device...

    And music over LAN with L OS 16's native player, also no issues... I am able to access all my music, videos, and other files from the tablet...

    Thanks a lot, HTML6405...
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    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    here you can find my LineageOS 16.0 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
    At first I want to thank @forkbomb444, @rINanDO, @ChronoMonochrome and all the others who are working on the exynos 4 devices, you deserve it.

    I'm working nearly every day to improve our N80xx devices and here you get a already stable version.

    Here you can see what's working / not working:

    N8000, N8010, N8013, N8020:
    Video playback (HW/SW)
    OTA Updates
    RIL N8000, N8020
    GPS, not sure if completely
    Tethering via USB, WIFI and Bluetooth
    consumerir transmitter
    • Main camera sometimes can't take a picture in full resolution, you could simply reopen the app and retry, or you lower the resolution.
    • GPS sometimes looses the sattelites, after this error occur's reopen completely your navigation app.

    If you are going to use Gapps,
    I recommend to use the pico package!
    For the others, you can use microG if you want, I've enabled signature spoofing.

    Do you like my work?
    Than you can simply hit the thanks button and consider to spend me a coffee or a beer,
    I'm doing this in my free time and it also costs a lot of money to buy hardware.


    You could use a gps.conf from for your location and replace /system/etc/gps.conf.
    Or you try GPS Server Optimizer app for a faster 3D fix.
    For both methods you need root rights.
    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][9.x][N8000/N801x/N8020][STABLE] LineageOS 16.0, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP 3.3.0
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Release Date: 2020-12-15

    Created 2020-10-26
    Last Updated 2021-04-13
    Update 15.12.2020:
    • programmed button in language and input settings to enable / disable pointer icon.
      (like we had it in previous lineage versions)
    • replaced icon with original smaller one from stock rom
    Only via OTA.
    Update 07.12.2020:
    • included 60Hz camera parameter
    • fixed screen cast
    • partly reverted Nov. 24th update, hope that the charging bug is gone now
    • improved auto brightness
    • included GPS fix improvement suggestion in initial post
    I'm sorry people,
    because I've created a new domain wifi related,
    it made some existing rules uneffective.

    I'm working hard to run selinux without any neverallow rules (I'm nearly there) to provide the best security.

    To get wifi working again, type with your PC or terminal emulator:

    adb shell (only with PC)
    setenforce 0

    and wifi will work again, there will be another update today with the new fixes.
    Hey, I just installed this to n8005 and you saved me from buying a new tablet. It works beyond my expectations. This is 8+ years old device after all. You are also helping environment too. Companies should do what you are doing instead of removing chargers to protect the environment. You seriously deserve donation. Have a nice day