LineageOS 18.1 [R] [11] (Unofficial) Mi Pad 4 Plus (clover)

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Dec 26, 2009
Can't pass safetynet with magisk 22.1. Dirty flash, 13th kernel with april rom. Universal safetynet fix installed and magisk hidden.

What am i doing wrong?

Apparently it's magisks fault, other apps give safetynet pass. Playstore is certified but still can't install netflix

btw, is there a way to force 50hz refresh rate in mipad4? i would love that for iptv
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Feb 7, 2008
Thanks for the rom, after flashing it,
I can still make phone call (only China Mobile network can make phone call, Three network can only receive SMS)

I was in MIUI 9.6.4 before, which was the version that can open VOLTE option (only China Mobile network)
and flashing EU miui 10.2.1


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Feb 7, 2006
Just to confirm what others said before me; I first tried to install the April release, together with I'm using twrp_clover 3.3.1-0, as twrp-3.5.0_9-0-clover didn't want to work for me, after the TWRP logo it kept rebooting.
Anyway, using the April release lots of bootloops. Eventually it would come through sometimes, and then it worked fine-ish, although Play Store not certified. Wiped all again, and installed the March release, with the same NikGapps and TWRP, and everything works perfectly. Fingerprint, magnetic cover, Play Store is certified, no complaints at all!
If there is one complaint though it would be the boottime. With LineageOS 17 my MiPad 4 plus booted within 3 loops of the logo (ie. the third loop would fill all circles up). Now it takes 5, and sometimes 6. That's with less apps installed than I had on 17. So it's about double the boot-time. Now I know that's all minor - but is there a reason to that? Or any way to improve boot-speeds?
One additional question - while I'm glad it works the way it does now - the new kerel releases (the boot.img), would one be advised to install them? What would be the improvements?
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Feb 7, 2006
One more thing I noticed - LO17 had NTFS support for the SD-card, 18.1 doesn't. I have a card with movies for the kids when we're on the go, and some of them are larger than 4GB, which means they don't fit on FAT32.


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Feb 6, 2020
One more thing I noticed - LO17 had NTFS support for the SD-card, 18.1 doesn't. I have a card with movies for the kids when we're on the go, and some of them are larger than 4GB, which means they don't fit on FAT32.
I have a 256GB MicroSD card and it is formatted as exFAT. There is no 4GB limit with exFAT. It works as it should in my MiPad4 LTE. I am still using the March release.

I also have a 500GB Samsung USB-C external SSD and it also is formatted as exFAT and it also functions correctly with my MiPad4. It can mount and eject and has no problems.
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Jun 23, 2016
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Seems exFAT is the file system of choice for flash memory, w/ lower operational overhead and latency (better speed) than NTFS.

NTFS is best for Windows system drive and other internal drives.

NTFS is ideal for internal drives, while exFAT is generally ideal for flash drives. Both of them have no realistic file-size or partition-size limits. If storage devices are not compatible with NTFS file system and you don't want to limited by FAT32, you can choose exFAT file system. PW
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  • Mar 25, 2018
    Xiaomi Mi 4
    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 2021-05-06 654.7 MB 2021-05-06 636.8 MB

    1 what is the diffrence between the windy and non windy release?
    2 and whcih recovery is recommended?
    3 and is OTA supportet?

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      Just for info
      I just installed 20210615 and NikGapps Full 20120612 by dirty flash over March release. I cleared Cache and Dalvik before flashing. I do not need nor use Magisk. It all worked. Playstore is certified. MiPad4 8" LTE. My WiFi works as does LTE, rotation works fine and everthing is as it was. Great.

      My Aurvana Trio WL bluetooth earbuds connect via aptX HD.

      All good thanks sabar_op
      hello, the bootloops is already fixed with the last version (lineage-18.1-20210615-UNOFFICIAL-clover)?
      No bootloop for me, but I haven't experienced bootloops on previous roms as well. Probably such issues are caused by magisk or its configuration.
      Could you compile the 20210315 wpa_supplicant inside of the last rom? I think that Vlad9ck is right and the problem with the wifi is in the last wpa_supplicant presets. Thank you in advance.

      Check the source in 1st post....
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      New update :

      Changelog :
      - update and fix some services.
      - update performance related to EAS kernel.
      New update : (see 1st post for the link). Install gapps is a must to avoid bootloop.

      - May security patch
      - Latest blobs from source.
      - EAS kernel
      - Livedisplay is disabled (working on it later)
      - Playstore certified (using latest nikgapps basic)
      - Safetynet pass (using magisk 23.0)

      If something doesnt work, please report along with the log.
      any new update will come 😢

      Update will come soon...just found the issue in livedisplay that makes rom unstable....
      Disable livedisplay make rom better now...
      Dirac sound also has force close...need to investigate it as well...
      New update :

      Changelog :
      - fix sim and fp (again).
      New update :

      Changelog :
      - fix fingerprint issue.
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      LineageOS 18.1, see this link

      Installation instructions :
      - Download the zip(s).
      - Install latest TWRP for clover
      - Perform a backup of your current ROM (optional)
      - Wipe dalvik/cache (upgrade from lineageos 18.1) and wipe system/data if upgrade from other rom.
      - Flash ROM.
      - Flash GApps (NikGApps is recommended) is a must.
      - Optional: Flash latest Magisk for root.

      Everything should work.

      Source :
      New update : see 1st post for the link.
      - April build security patch
      - EAS kernel integrated (fingerprint and touchscreen looks ok).
      - Update blobs gps, wfd, ril, and wifi.
      - Safetynet fix integration and change fingerprint to clover. Thanks to @pndwal
      - etc (see common tree in sdm660 source).
      New update for LOS18.1 and PE11 dated on 20210312 (see 1st post for the link) with March security patch.
      FWIW, I've used MagiskHide Props Config Magisk module to change Xiaomi Mi 6X fingerprint (xiaomi/wayne/wayne:8.1.0/OPM1.171019.011/V9.5.11.0.ODCCNFA:user/release-keys) to Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 China (Xiaomi/clover/clover:8.1.0/OPM1.171019.019/V10.1.1.0.ODJCNFI:user/release-keys) from MHPC repo.

      Either value works fine to pass safetynet along with Universal SafetyNet Fix module. 👍 PW

      Yes...just try it and it pass the safetynet...and build new rom along with some updates in blobs and integrate it with EAS kernel...

      I am waiting update April security patch to release the rom.
      New update :

      Changelog :
      - update and fix some services.
      - update performance related to EAS kernel.