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Jun 23, 2013
Google Pixel 6a

Apps crashed sometimes because Google Service​

Hey community,
hope I'm in the right thread.

I flashed my pixel 6a with lineage 20,0 with root access and Gapps

Sometimes if I open apps who needs Google Service ( because I downloaded it from playstore ) it will be crash.
Other Apps like fdroid who doesn't have connection with google runs stable.

After I delete the Data from Google Play Service the app is running normal.

Do you have same experience?

ps: the Log comes form Logcat Reader, hope it helps, I just start dropbox and it crashed

pps: I upload the log file but it is not uploaded, so I paste the log file on this page:

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Sep 23, 2023
Hi flaxx, How is camera quality in LOS20? I thought flashing LOS20 this weekend.
I used several GCam mods on LineageOS bluejay and tested it along with a Stock Pixel 6a side by side, and the quality was identical in my eyes. Somehow oversharpened by the app as many have noticed, and somehow the pictures on the Lineage device where a bit brighter, therefore looking a bit better to me.

Using the open source camera apps on bluejay, the quality was not comparable.

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    LineageOS now has a changelog available for BlueJay:

    And although no downloads are listed at you can download an official build here:

    I have not tested the build as I am satisfied with GrapheneOS and don't want to go on an adventure.
    Seeing as how official support seems to be delayed/in hiatus, I decided to give it a go and build it myself (successfully). I'm going to test it and try adding a tweak to allow OTA from a private source so that it can be updated without a computer later. Otherwise I'll be leaving it at stock so that the switchover (if the day comes) is easy.

    In the past I've built unofficial lineage ROMs for the Droid Turbo/Moto Maxx, Pixel 2XL, and Oneplus 8 Pro. This seemed to go just as easily, so wish me luck in the build working ;)(y). I'll be sure to share it if all goes well.
    Quick update for those following - keep in mind the link I have above is to the lineage - dev version, so this isn't even a "nightly" much less a stable build.

    That mentioned - it's was about 99% there for the features I use. The only bug I found was sometimes, unprovocted my screen would just turn on lol. I turned off all features in settings, notifications etc. including turning off the lock screen etc - but it'd still happened.

    Even with this the battery life was really good for the way I use the device and standby was like .5%/hr. -that's about as good as I ever get.

    Once they publish this out as a nightly it should be good for the masses.
    Okay got this up and running. Here's the link I used for everything:

    This page has all the download links on it - I used the vendor_boot - add custom recovery method. Note - in fastboot I did add the vendor_boot to both slots, and then booted into the custom recovery.

    Here's the vendor_boot and other downloads (some you won't need):

    Keep that in mind. They also have a link to the recommended mindthegapps and everything here:

    Again - all the download links are on the first page but you kind of have to look for it...but they are there lol.

    GL - I'll let you know how it goes. I'll say this - wifi download and install is pretty damn fast. I'm not rooting or anything just yet - just getting a sense of how this operates out of the box.
    It's on the installation page instructions where it says: `Download a custom recovery - you can download one here. Download the file named vendor_boot.img from the directory named with the latest date.` If you click on here it takes you to that has the link.

    But yeah, the link is easy to miss. I only noticed it after someone pointed it out on reddit.
    And before you flash vendor_boot.img, make sure you fully understand If not, you run a very high risk of bricking your device. Don't ask me how I know.... ;)