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LineageOS on Tab A SM-T307U?

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Was looking on the supported device list for LineageOS, I don't see the Tab A SM-T307U (2020) anywhere.
Does anyone know if it ever will be supported? How does one go about requesting support? What is required to support this device? Is it possible? Thanks
I too would LOVE to have LineageOS 18.1 on my SM-T307U. In fact, the reason I picked up a Galaxy Tab S5e was because I could not find any remedy for my SM-T307U. (I'm still happy about the S5e...ecstatic actually...but learned my lesson to check Root and LineageOS device lists first before picking up any new Android device.)

Anyway, it appears that they've locked down the boot loader on SM-T307U, and nobody has figured out a way around it yet. Don't know if they ever will. Best I can do so far is use "PackageDisabler" paid app (google store)to disable/remove all the Samsung Bloatware, and load my Nova Launcher config & Wallpapers.

The more important thing for me (over a working LineageOS build), would even just to have an Android 11 build for the SM-T307U. I have strong doubts we will ever see one from Samsung/ATT (I have the ATT version).


Oct 27, 2012
Ok thank you.
I got the tab a for free from a t-mobile promo. I would have done as you did and checked for support first if I actually bought one.
It does however say android 11 in the system info.