Link 2 SD has two problems: Orphan data files, and auto moving apps to sd card

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Mar 18, 2015
Link 2 SD has two problems: Orphan data files, and auto moving apps to sd card

Firstly, How do I protect my wakeup apps, my phone apps (groove ip/hangout) my weather & rain alert, essential widget apps, and a few other apps, from getting automatically moved out of the system area and onto card. Note: I need most apps to be automatically links or moved--while a core of them must be on system partition (else they don't start on boot, or work as widget). I also need to know how to create and autoexec.bat file on android, to allow me more control of startup apps.

The other problem link2sd lacks fixing orphaned data files, which will cause some programs to fail to install via playstore.

Here is why:

1. Link2sd caused a few programs disappear (I think after trying to get to convert to system, but not sure if on all.) I could not reinstall them. I discovered I needed Titanium backup to delete the orphaned data files, then reinstall would work on those apps. This needs to be added to Link2sd, and part of the faq.

2. I wanted most my files to autolink, or installed on internal sd, by default. However, a few widgets and apps that I wish to stay on system partition kept auto moving back onto the sd card, no matter how many times I would manually move to system. These apps, I would convert to system apps. Usually, with success.

3. Unfortunately, disaster struck, bricking a $200 tablet, because of Link2SD: I tried to convert XIalive radio (internet radio tuner with wakeup alarm) to a system app. I rebooted and the Trio AXS 3 G tablet will not boot past the opening audio passage. It is like Xia is trying to grab the audio....The Trio has no (english) safe mode, wiping to factory reset only wipes the cache and data partitions. I tried adb but I don't think I can get the unit to show up through the cable unless the unit boots and doesn't freeze up. $179 down the drain (or an expensive learning lesson about system app conversion), unless I find a solution. (I found how to use adb, but I cannot use root on the bricked device. I could flash it with a ROM, but Trio won't send me the factory ROM, any custom ROM likely will not work, or if it does, will not work with the Free 200 megs a month from Tmobile.