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General LiR Project Rom (LOS 18.1 Based on) October build

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Sep 24, 2021
i use pixel experience plus. there's no 90hz option. actually, it disappeared when i updated new version. so i use adb showed above. but i can not found 90hz option. if i use this rom, can i resolve this problem? ㅠ_ㅠ


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Jan 14, 2009
Google Nexus 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
i use pixel experience plus. there's no 90hz option. actually, it disappeared when i updated new version. so i use adb showed above. but i can not found 90hz option. if i use this rom, can i resolve this problem? ㅠ_ㅠ
it use same base, so same effect...but do this, go there and in Phh settings > Misc > Force FPS
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I flash magisk,stuck mi logo??
I flashed lir-v313-210915-arm64-boZ.img,boot fine.
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot boot TWRP-3.5.2-renoir-Nebrassy.img
flash magisk v23 via TWRP.
flash MagiskManagerForRecovery_v6_202106060.zip via TWRP.
stuck on mi logo.
fastboot boot twrp.
wipe cache,reboot.
booting fine!

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    I dl and flashed this version and it runs perfectly....
    To be claim, i am NOT the maintianer, the dev or else, jut an user...

    Today, i want to share a GSI for every use of this phone and try to give everyone the lightest feeling of system to match the weight of this phone. A big thank to the dev @eremitein
    The dev made more roms that you can find on his github

    If you want to have a tuto on how to flash it you can find it HERE


    All target builds


    LiR is a project which based on LineageOS 18.1 with Andy Yan's and phhusson's Treble GSI patches. Built with all Andy's patches & recommendations, also even without "ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true" flag. System can run with SELinux enforced state, as an original Phh AOSP GSI. Fully compatible with PHH-Treble patches. Has dynamic root which can be activated/deactivated without reboot - 'su' binary and SuperUser app (can works on all devices even with system read-only). Also has dynamic SafetyNet helper (but it compatible with not all devices), users have four ways to pass SafetyNet: a. just enable SafetyNet option (recommended) b. disable SafetyNet and enable "Spoof Pixel 5" then reboot c. enable both options and reboot d. mount system as RW and create empty file /system/phh/secure (legacy method)


    LiR R 21.10.12

    (https://sourceforge.net/projects/treblerom/files/LiR/2021.10.12/)• October 2021 SPL
    • latest available phh patches
    • trying to fix VoLTE and VoWiFi icon switches in UI tuner (_need test_)
    • trying to fix wrong VoLTE and VoWiFi icon color with dark theme (_need test_)
    • picked patches from Andy Yan: "always render windows into notch cutouts" and "enable multiple snap targets in landscape mode"
    • set system prop "ro.odm.camera=1" for all (_maybe can help with camera on some devices_)
    • added fix overlays resetting on every reboot
    • few Portuguese Brazilian translation

    LiR R 21.09.15

    • September 2021 SPL
      [*]latest available phh patches
      [*]added VoLTE and VoWiFi statusbar icon support
      [*]added VoLTE and VoWiFi icon switches in UI tuner (need test)
      [*]trying to fix wrong VoLTE and VoWiFi icons color with dark theme (need test)
      [*]reverted native AOSP Miracast screen sharing feature (already in the LineageOS code)
      [*]added open source replacement for Qualcomm aptX libraries
      [*]moar UI rounded corners target
      [*]possibility tap outside to dismiss power menu
      [*]fixed UI corner overlays for default icon shape
      [*]fixed SafetyNet CTS for Pixel5 Spoofing option
      [*]new updates for Redmi Note 9S/Pro/ProMax overlays
      [*]added wifi 5GHz hotspot support for "daisy"
      [*]fixed random SystemUI force-close with some of the icons styles (not default/circular/filled/rounded)
      [*]option to switch back to pre-P mobile type icon style
      [*]added UI tuner switch for VPN privacy icon
      [*]fixed location icon margins for statusbar
      [*]disabled WPA2 to WPA3 auto-upgrade
      [*]plus other small improvements

    LiR R 21.08.13

    • phh v312 treble patches
      [*]August SPL by LineageOS team
      [*]imported much patches from @sooti treble project: overlays and tweaks for Xiaomi Note 9 S/Pro/Max, overlays for Doogee Y8 and Umidigi A7 Pro, fix for IR blaster
      [*]included improvements for Xiaomi Note 9 S/Pro/Max overlays from @Aarqw12
      [*]added more Clang optimizations

    LiR R 21.07.27

    • phh v310 treble patches
    • fixed random SystemUI force-close with some of the icons styles (not default/circular/filled/rounded)
    • in Display settings added UI rounded corners options (similar to G-Visual Mod)
    • debug.sf.latch_unsignaled disabled for mt6785 and sd450

    LiR R 21.05.25

    • phh v308 treble patches
      [*]reworked Pixel 5 spoofing patch
      [*]fixed in-built screen recorder "low video quality" option
      [*]added debug.sf.latch_unsignaled=1 (experimental)
      [*]set LTE by default for 'lavender'
      [*]fixed DT2W for Lenovo Z6
      [*]more optimizations

    LiR 2021.05.09

    • SPL 5 May 2021
    • phh treble patches v307
    • fixed Dialer crashing, which was wrong prop "ro.kernel.android.checkjni=1" in v306
    • reworked in-built screen recorder low video quality option (need test!)
    • added zero sensitivity for back swipe gesture
    • fixed clock ":" colon on the lockscreen
    • updated PixelProps to May SPL
    • removed patch for user build
    • disabled host and target debugging
    • fixed Treble App options info
    • added more optimizations

    LiR 2021.04.23

    • phh treble patches v306
      [*]April Security patch level
      [*]reworked dynamic root, now it fully compatible with Termux
      [*]folder for scripts moved from /sdcard/phh to the /data/adb/phh
      [*]reworked SafetyNet helper, now we have four ways to pass SafetyNet: a. just enable SafetyNet option (recommended) b. disable SafetyNet and enable "Spoof Pixel 5" then reboot c. enable both options and reboot d. mount system as RW and create empty file /system/phh/secure (legacy method)
      [*]added separated Phh settings option to disabling vendor apps and overlays (you can still using old phh's variant or custom new one)
      [*]added treble app to the allow-in-power-save list (to fix sounds in calls)
      [*]tweaks and overlay changes for 'lavender' Redmi Note 7
      [*]disable extra StrictMode features for userdebug builds
      [*]fixed (again) network traffic for notched devices
      [*]added power off option to the QS Reboot tile
      [*]added fix for Sony Xperia X notifications led
      [*]new offline charger fix, can help for some devices
      [*]increased low video bitrate for screen recorder to the 4Mbps
      [*]renamed autobrightness overlay to match phh style
      [*]added 30 & 32dp rounded corners overlays
      [*]set 0.5x animation scale as default
      [*]set in build.prop 'user' type build
      [*]overall system optimization

    LiR 2021.03.18 (beta2)

    • March SPL
      [*]phh treble patches v302+
      [*]reworked dynamic root to avoid any conflicts with Magisk and other system modding apps
      [*]included Magisk sbin PATH support, no need any external fixes - if Magisk can work on your device then just flash it
      [*]added new option in Phh Settings to the spoof device as Pixel 5 - if SafetyNet option can't help you pass Google certification, then you can try disable it and enable "Spoof Pixel 5"
      [*]reworked overlays and added some UI performance tweaks for 'curtana' & 'joyeuse'
      [*]included patch to the allow audio for external screen recorders
      [*]in stock Dialer added option to set fullscreen photo
      [*]added option to disable notification headers
      [*]added QS tiles 5x3 overlay
      [*]interface speed up

    First build 2021.02.21 (beta1)
    • actual LineageOS 18.1 sources
    • latest v300m+ phh treble patches
    • changes beside LineageOS by Andy Yan:
    • Phh Setting moved to bottom of all settings (please don't be scare😄)
    • all builds can be mounted as RW by-default (no shared blocks); also un-sparse format, raw ext4 image - you can easy mount it and modify
    • added enhanced dynamic root (Z) you can enable/disable superuser root without rebooting and with read-only system and even pass SafetyNet (see video). so, it should work on all treble devices
    • added new flexible variant of SafetyNet helper (Phh settings > Misc), you can using it without reboot, with system read-only and even without root (video here); use it before login to the Google account; should works for many devices, especially if device had SafetyNet with secure file (btw file with commands for safetynet stored in /sdcard/phh/secure - you can modify it, you can even put Pixel props there. i hope i gave for all users universal solution)
    • added replacement for InitD, you can put commands in /sdcard/phh/run and enable AutoRun option in Phh Settings
    • also added new options in Phh Settings: switch for cgroup freezer, disable logging, autobrightness overlay
    • added camera fix for some vndk28-lite devices (now camera works on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite)
    • fixed media sound policy for A-only (thx HamiDo)
    • added patch for PiP mode on lowram devices (coop with AkiraNoSushi)
    • fixed bug in launcher, when fullscreen apps with forced landscape mode had gesture pill on the side faces
    • patch for fixing renaming file and moving files issue in MTP
    • fix for HAL3 vendor prop (cam2api option in Phh Settings)
    • selinux adb rule for some MTK devices
    • extendent mobile network menu
    • added screenshot quick delete button
    • network speed indicator with some changes for notched devices
    • added initial overlay for Realme C2 'RMX1941' with fixed power profile and improved (auto)brightness
    • added option Screenshot with three finger swipe gesture
    • in launcher "Clear all" button moved down
    • stock AOSP sounds replaced with Q Google sounds
    • Gallery2 replaced with SimpleGallery
    • tuning of the status bar, icons more tightly to each other
    • slightly changed visual style, color accent Pixel, fixed some visual design flaws
    • added option "Swipe for notifications" for fingerprint scanner
    • DPI change setting is now in the "Display" section
    • IMEI info is hidden under each available SIM card
    • added 0.2x, 0.8x & 1.2x to the animation speed selection menu (default set to the 0.8x)
    • for Mi A2 Lite, LTE is set by default
    • added display of SELinux status in Settings
    • turned off the indicator flashing when the battery level is low
    • added an custom options in the Display menu: statusbar padding, rounded corners tuning, QS layout, UI speed/powersaving
    • in stock camera removed HAL3 green artefacts which exist on Xiaomi devices
    • fixed status info of security patches (system and vendor)
    • in the launcher added double tap for screen-off gesture
    • on battery saver auto dark mode disabled, you can choise light/dark theme
    • removed annoying build number in QS footer
    • OOS style switches (picked from HavocOS)
    • added custom Google Cloud restore option (Settings > Accounts)
    • tweaks for Xiaomi Redmi 9 'lancelot' and Redmi Note 9 'merlin' (audiojack, brightness, fp touches)
    • changed minimal brightness level for Redmi Note 8 Pro
    • import OnePlus 8 Pro 'instantnoodlep' overlay
    • initial Redmi 9 'galahad' overlay
    • disabled suggestions on Settings main screen
    • removed ugly divider lines in Settings UI
    • added DT2W support for QIN 2
    • updated Redmi 6 Pro overlay
    • lock icon disabled
    • reverted sbin folder for Magisk
    • added mark as read in SMS notification
    • added call recording in Dialer
    • improved screen recorder (stop dot and quality switch)
    • slightly improved speed of laucher's animations
    • Package installer: show current and new version on apk
    • added screenshot sound trigger
    • added QS tiles: reboot/recovery, mobile data SIM switcher
    • disabled some disputable Google components, for sample is fixed overall WiFi speed in the aggregate with GPS + Bluetooth
    • option to reset battery stats (also to the opening battery stats just tap battery icon)
    • added back 2-button navigation overlay
    • enabled screenshot action for 3-button nav too
    • allow adjusting screen density to smaller sizes
    • reworked offline charger patch, need test (on my device at least screen blanked and no more loops)
    • initial overlays for Redmi Note 9S/Pro ('curtana' and 'joyeuse')
    • reworked overlay for Redmi 9 'galahad' - added (auto)brightness arrays and other fixes
    • tweaks for Xiaomi Redmi 'angelican' and 'dandelion' (brightness, audiojack)
    • force HAL1 for predefined package list (vendor.camera.hal1.packagelist prop)
    • removed screenshot icon from global actions
    • fixed USB options quick dialog
    • restored one-click to add/remove tiles
    • added fixes for Redmi Note 9 Pro 'joyeuse' (for audio, Netflix and fp touches)
    • other improvements for speed, performance, stability and user experience
    • GAPPS changes
    • image sizes around: arm64 2.9Gb, arm 2Gb, a64 1.9Gb
    • removed many Google apps, which you can easy get from Play Store
    • default launcher is Trebuchet
    • added Go Gapps builds too


    • excluding fixes, the same as on all R GSI (in some cases does not work: broadcasting on TV, calls via BT; offline charging does not work normally for many devices etc etc)

    To return to the MIUI ROM what should I do? Sorry but I'm new to the Xiaomi World
    download fastboot rom miui 12.5.5 from https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/miui/
    and flash with miflash...
    for help flash with mi flash search in google or xda