List of lesser known apps that u must try!!!! Theme apps added!!!!

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Gautam Padirooted

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Dec 13, 2012
Hi all A110 Users. I present to u a list of applications everyone must try!!!

Many of these apps are ones i have found in the other XDA forums. Some of these are ones i found on the play store.
Some apps are those that i found on the other themes and apps section. i have included to those posts itself so that they do not get offended.

Bored of the sound quality of your phone? try this! works on almost every rom! I tried on aokp - didnt work. But worked on all others!
[AUDIO][MOD] Official ViPER4Android Audio Effects [Cure Tech+] THIS IS A MUST TRY FOR ANY PHONE!!!!!

A Highly Customisable version of the whatsapp application and many more additional features
[APP][MOD] WhatsApp+ v3.50

Want to try Halo but have no Paranoid Android? Worry not. TRY THIS! a Halo LIKE APP
[APP]ChatHeads for all notifications - Alpha 2r1 - 18/05

Youtube app with download button and play any quality
[Mod] OG YouTube 4.4.11 - Downloader,All Qualities Playable,Screen Off Playback (v6)

App Killer. one of the only few that actually works!
Greenify *ROOT*- make your android device fast and smooth ( by shakti15)

Never use your usb cable to transfer files to your razr - Presenting Airdroid

Tired of a trying to fit a wallpaper but being unsuccesful? Use Wallpaper Wizardrii
Wallpaper Wizardrii™

Wanna use tasker but dont wanna pay? use llama. has all the tasker features u need and it is easier to understand too!
Llama - Location Profiles
(I know many of u know about this but this is for the newer users)

Wanna how much data each of your apps use? try bytes insight. its very accurate too and tells app by app data for Wi-Fi too!
Bytes Insight.

Tired of trying to swich between mulptiple launchers? twisted home is perfect for u!
Home Switcher / Manager

Want a hassle free antivirus experience? use this
Antivirus Security - FREE


Really helpfull app for advanced users who want to see what is causing battery drain!
[APP][2.1+] BetterBatteryStats

Get away from annoying ads on your phone!
AD away

Modded version of google play music - ( old version only )
Google Play Music+ v1.1 | New Dark Version And Bugfixes!

[APP] PSP Emulator For Android V 0.7.6 UPDATE

Advanced System cleaning tool
[APP][1.6+] SD Maid..

Only says lite but does everything. I have found that some other root explorers do not allow to delete files - bummer
Root explorer lite

Wanna share any app by converting to apk and transfering through bluetooth? Its possible!

Sky exploration app!! tells what stars and planets are in the sky using your accelerometer!
Google Sky Map

Download from your favourite torrents sites on your phone!
BitTorrent® - Torrent App[/SIZE]

Theme your phone like no other using these awesome tools!
Dont know what widgets to add to your homescreens ? These will help u too!!

Make your own widgets as you want - very very customisable
Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)

Minimalistic Text

Simple Calendar Widget

Simple RSS Widget

Simple Dialer Widget

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

Eye In Sky Weather

Desktop VisualizeR

Tired of a trying to fit a wallpaper but being unsuccesful? Use Wallpaper Wizardrii
Wallpaper Wizardrii™

Theme apps can be pretty tough to use - use guides from mycolorscreen and Armando Ferreira to learn how to use these.

cLICK ON THIS TO GET 20 GB FREE cloud storage! no limit on the size of uploads too

In some cases i may be able to provide links to add-ons too. U can comment if u need links to those too.
I will keep this updated as and when i find new apps.
Be sure to comment below with feedback and also if u would want to any app added to list.
a list of stock launchers will follow this post.

And most importantly do not forget to thank these devs on xda and rate the apps on the play store

Thank u
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