List of Tested Sideloaded APKs for the Amazon Fire TV (Fire TV Stick)

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Mar 20, 2011
Just tried to sideload Minecraft and it doesn't work. Some sort of license requirement from the app store. I can load my older version, but not the newest.


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May 25, 2009
I´ve a Problem with Spotify. I downloaded a cracked app which allow me to use all Premium Features. So far so good, but i can´t Scroll inside the app. When I will on the right side or to the buttom, i can´t see where im actually stand at. I also installed a Auto Format changer, that show me Spotify in Landscape Mode. Can anybody help me out? Hardware is an Fire Tv Stick Generation 1


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Jan 9, 2011
The YouTube for Android TV app seems to not search now. When you go into the search it auto goes to the amazon search on the device. Has anybody else had this issue or know a fix?

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    Vudu build works on fire tv with HDX

    Functional vudu on fire tv with Hdx!
    I installed popcorntime last night. Works very well but needs mouse or touch input. I've been using droidmote for my firetv since I got root, so that worked for me.
    Droidmote works well but you have to change between touch and the game control input of the app based on which screen on the firetv is active.
    I'd just like to add that I got Tasker working on FireTV awhile ago but did not know about this list here (I posted it to a similar thread on reddit) there is a bit of a procedure you need to to go make it work:

    Yes, the Tasker works on FireTV. I've just added it to the list at the top of this forum.
    What you have to do:
    Get an apk of Tasker. Either get the free one from Google Play store, or get the one you paid for off your (rooted) Android device. Guides on how to do this are all over the place. Also you can directly purchase it from Tasker's website.
    Use this:[1] to patch your apk of Tasker so that it doesn't need GMaps to run. This is crucial, because otherwise FireTV will reject it (as it doesnt have Google Maps API).
    Sideload your modified apk to your FireTV
    Issues: So far almost everything works like a charm. The one thing that you cannot do on the FireTV (besides root actionsnow you can!) is build scenes. If you try to edit/build a scene, the app crashes. You can, however, import scenes you've created on another device, and use them with the "Show Scene" action. It seems that full screen scenes crash it, though. I have had success displaying Overlays and Dialogs, though.
    This should open up a whole world of possibilities on the FireTV...
    Droid edit
    All work for me.

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    Google Play Videos and Music on Fire TV. :)
    Youtube instructions: link.
    Dropbox files zipped: Play Movies and