[LIST][Q] List of Roms made for Exynos7870

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Aug 20, 2022
Note: Updateable Post
Note 2: Just Builds made by
Batuhantrkgl added. check XDA for others

*** Disclaimer
I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
You have been warned
LineageOS needs custom recovery for flash, if you have skip to step 5.
Step1: enable developer options;
Go to settings>device info> software information and click build number 7 times.

Step 2: enable USB-Debugging & USB Debugging
Go to developer options and enable USB-Debugging And OEM Unlock

Step 3: reboot your phone to download mode.
Shut down your phone and press power + volume down + home button same button and wait download mode confirmation screen if it here, accept it.

Step 4: flash TWRP
Download Odin to your computer and connect your phone using usb-cable, and select your TWRP file and flash using AP option (don't forgot the disable auto-reboot option)

Step 5: Flash Repartition Script.
NOTE: THAT ERASES YOUR ALL DATA (APPS, FILES, CONTACTS ETC.) Flash OrangeFox Recovery for use repartition script

Download repartition script from Here

Step 6: Fix partitions
Go to manage partitions settings on orangefox recovery and change file system first ext2 after ext4

Step 7: flash LineageOS
Click folder icon on orangefox and select Downloaded LineageOS file and confirm flash

Step 8: reboot and done
After finish flash, reboot your phone and complete the setup.

Rom List (Links goes to Telegram):
Project Sakura Android 10 [UNOFFICAL]
MintOS Android 10 [UNOFFICAl]
Arrow 10 [UNOFFICAL]
Lightning Fast ROM-17.1 (Android 10) [OFFICAL]
POSP v3.2.2+18 (Android 10) [UNOFFICAL]
Pixel Experince Android 10 [UNOFFICAL]
KeepQassa v2.1 (Android 10) [OFFICAL]
AlrightOS v0.2 (Android 10) [OFFICAL]
AlrightOS v0.4 (Android 10) [OFFICAL]

Gonic and Astrako For Trees.
Ken Mosq for Server

Kernel: https://github.com/samsungexynos7870/android_kernel_samsung_exynos7870/

ROM OS Version: Android 10
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.18
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