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Dec 29, 2011
D30 case
32gb class 10 lexar
Ihome speakers from T-Mobile
Carbon ghost armor
Official sensation car dock
V-moda crossfade lp

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Jan 13, 2012
Clear TPU case
Screen protector
Skullcandy FMJ's with Comply Foam Tips
Anker 1900mAh Battery + charger
32gb SanDisk Class 4 microSDHC

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Jan 21, 2009
• 32 GB Samsung Class 10 (yay for high R/W and random)
• Logitech UE700 Earphones
• OEM/T-Mobile Car Dock
• Blackberry Music Gateway (for BT stereo in my car)

Future... Probably a screen protector, the Amaze 4G battery, and maybe a desktop dock (for the car - will take out the ashtray)
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Apr 25, 2011
Here, I have:

-Some batteries coming from dealextreme.
-Baterry charger from dealextreme too.
-Some Monster Turbine Pro Copper, to match the beats boot animation.


Jun 16, 2010
I'm having the following
2 anker 1900mAh batteries / charger
HTC car charger
HTC dock
In car holder brought from eBay
HTC pouch /cover
32 Gb Class 10 lexar microSd card
And my Beats by Dr.Dre Monster in ear headphones with ControlTalk

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Jan 20, 2009
San Antonio TX


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Mar 30, 2010
Jacksonville FL
16 gb class 10 SD card
Clear case from the mall
Body glove case from T-Mobile
Ofical car kit
Monster t3 tron ear buds
Spare battery HTC
Zagg invisable skin on screen
Desktop dock
And I had a skiniy skin at one point but removed it front screwed up

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    3 Anker batteries ( bought one then bought twin pack + charger ) - excellent
    Case-mate "Barely There" case - which is always on
    Case-Mate "Tough Case" - very good, but a little bulky
    HTC US 350 audio adapter - bought for my HD2, but works well with Sensation
    Sandisk 32gb memory card
    Swiftkey X virtual keyboard - somedays i swear its predictive text is psychic
    @Blade666x : a beat studio at 60€ ?! Where did you get it from please?
    what is DX? Thanks

    Dealextreme (dx as i said =P) they are replica's but thats to expect at 60 euro's but i watched and readed a lot of reviews and a few friends got em and they are really good, looking exact the same great sound and really decent build =D here's a link : they are named diffrent and on the pictures the b is an o but dont worry its a b its just because of the copyright =P
    i got the studios so these come with that isonitalk huge mic with one button haha i like the ones of the solos more so i think i order a controltalk cable of the solos, but the one u get with the studios from dealextreme work great pres to play and pause and long press for next song and ofcoure pick and hang up call, and the mic qualety is also great ;) here are some pics ( white is mine black is for a friend)


    Such. waste of money :(

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    Updated from pg2 :p
    1.Nillkin kickstand case-No longer use
    2.HTC Screen protector
    3. Arkon short car dock
    4. Portrait charging
    5. Landscape charging
    6. Anker battery 1900
    7. Kingston 16gb class 10 microsd
    8. Blueant S4
    9. Jawbone Era
    10. HTC cig lighter charger
    11. SE MW600
    12. SE Liveview
    13. i-Tech Virtual Keyboard
    14. V-moda Crossfade-Red
    15. White HTC frame/back
    16. Aprolink hybrid plastic/tpu case
    17. White eckounlimited zipper earbuds
    18. iBeats earbuds for HTC phones
    19. Seidio Active kickstand case with holster-only use the holster with tpu case.
    20. Seidio landscape charging dock-spare
    21. Sandisk 32GB class 4 microSD
    22. ON ORDER: i'm Watch to replace the Liveview.

    Id go Sigmund Freud on him and say thts because he lacked love in childhood

    Are u sure u have enough accessories? I think u need to get more.
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