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Aug 1, 2015
Here's what I don't like:

- No notification LED. Sure, I can use Always-on display, but it's not the same. I was, however, aware of this when I bought the phone.
- Slow update rollout. The update is done, WHY THE SLOW ROLLOUT?
- The locked down camera framework/api. You base your entire launch of the phone on its camera, now let us unleash its power in other apps (like FiLMiC Pro). I want 24/25 etc. fps and LOG V2 support.
- The aggressive closing of apps was annoying, and it was a bit annoying that I had to go deep into settings to fix this. It does seem to fix the worst of it at least.
- The lack of a global camera launch button.
- The lack of 3,5mm jack, but to be honest, I don't really miss it anymore.
- EMUI is in general not good at all. Why not just drop it and give us standard Android and downloadable EMUI tweaks, if people want them?
- Lack of USB-C to 3,5mm converter in the box
- Lack of any form of cover in the box
- The settings I change in developer settings don't seem to stay set. Like bluetooth settings. A bit annoying.
- Why can't I just manually download an OTA update and apply it easily, without having to reset?


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Oct 21, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Not much bugs me but a few things...

- A full Camera 2 API is something i would like to have
- A lot less noise reduction on jpeg files
- Less sharpening on jpeg files
- Improved DNG quality, less of that green colour shift
- Uncompressed jpeg files, PNG support would be welcome
- Included transparent cover such as the one with P20 Pro

That's about it, the rest i don't care about.

/ Magnus


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May 20, 2010
The biggest issue i encountered so far was my alarm clock (alarmdroid) wasn't working.
I had luck that i got awake so that i made it into work, but it can't be that the alarm won't go off untill i look at the phone :(

Blokada also sometimes seem to get killed and sometimes i need to reboot the whole phone because i can't start it.

- No Root
- No Bootloader unlock (which i was aware off but it still sucks)


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Mar 20, 2016
There is a feature called Always on display (displays time, battery level and notifications), but it does not work if you use smart cover, with smart cover screen turns off in 10 seconds.

Even with the smart cover option enabled? I don't have a smart cover, so I can't test it, but since there's an option for that, I think it's a bug?


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Sep 12, 2016
Issue : abnormal Battery Drain & The device heat up when I connect to other bluetooth device (which never happened on my mate 20)

I want to put a screenshot here to let you guys see what i mean. but still dont have permission.

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The Phone Services usage is back at 34%. I do not know why it uses so much resources compared to whatsapp or telegram. Anyone has an idea how to solve this? Screenshot_20190515_035020_com.huawei.systemmanager.jpgScreenshot_20190515_035447_com.huawei.systemmanager.jpg

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May 17, 2019
My issue with P30 PRO is also the screen. I took a picture of P30 Pro's screen with another phone, the wave shape of the screen is so obvious.


May 18, 2019
1. I just dont get some of the notifications from apps ... Im a Clash royale player and i never get notifications when a chest is unlocked etc
pretty annoying, even tho i checked the settings for the app and notifications are enabled. no idea what to do

2. I have some strange guy occasionaly speaking suddenly even when the phone is not touched (happen to speak in spanish)
and im not living in a country that has spanish as main language... just weird and ive no idea how to fix that aswell

3. Google assistant, I cannot enable her when my operation system is set to Hebrew language, even tho i set her to operate in english, the only possibility to enable her is if i change the whole system's language to English, which is quite silly.

4. Bluetooth priority issue, Im a Galaxy watch user aswell, I wanna prioritize my phone to auto connect to my phone when it detects it (that works well), but when im entering my car I want it to give higher priority to my car for music and taking calls, anyone knows if that can be done ?

5. the top icons (from notifications) where the battery presentage etc are, is waaaay too small for such a big screen, why cant I make it larger by choice?


May 14, 2012
2. I have some strange guy occasionaly speaking suddenly even when the phone is not touched (happen to speak in spanish)
and im not living in a country that has spanish as main language... just weird and ive no idea how to fix that aswell
Hi, check your notification sounds. There is eventually an app notification configured with a sound that isn't on the phone. Then it comes to this strange behavior. I had the same in russian.


Jan 25, 2009
My problem with huawei p30 pro version 128g 8 ram VOG-L29 build number (C431E4R2P2) is with the memory card, after making a few calls fails to recognize the memory card I have to restart the mobile phone sorry for my bad english
Jun 21, 2012
Only a minor problem but does anyone have an issue with the home and back buttons sometimes not responding after the initial press.
I also find that my notifications do not always get shown on the always on screen


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Mar 13, 2016
very faky blur effect on aperture mode
EMUI is very rigid and less innovative than rivals
no easy reachability for quick settings
most unneeded apps cannot be uninstalled
ugly OS overall (compared to rivals)

last, huawei staff is not listening to their customers, many things should have been evolved since years but, what ever.


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Dec 23, 2011
Gothenburg, Sweden
1. ****ty slow mo.
2. google timeline only work on 1 account, the first one you added. (on my samsung s8, it worked on all)
3. google chrome freezes a lot on simple day to day sites.
4. burned pics on auto
5. batterytime getting worse, even after a reset.


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May 26, 2011
2. I have some strange guy occasionaly speaking suddenly even when the phone is not touched (happen to speak in spanish)
and im not living in a country that has spanish as main language... just weird and ive no idea how to fix that aswell
I am having the same problem, but do not know what language it is, I have send my phone in already 6 times, but huawei cannot found out what the problem is.

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    My issue is simple, EMUI.
    Coming from an S10 and oneUI and mix 3 with miui made me realize how bad EMUI is in everything, cloning iOS, native apps like dialer gallery calendar, missed up setrings, Crippled animations (this is a huge one) and notifications. Stupid decissions like launching the camera with volume down. Many many things
    I just wish Huawei support at least native Android interface, animations and gestures
    I have the same problem. Any solution?

    I use Fluid Navigation Gestures. It's much better than the stock one. Should fix your issue.
    My only issue: Having to pay to a rip off like FunkyHuawei to get my official updates!
    Updates from Huawei seem very staggered, seem to mainly be looking after their own country who seem to be about 3 firmware’s ahead of a lot of other places. i know a lot are getting v153 now but why are a lot going straight from 124 to 153 yet some places got fw's in-between in the 140's? i am currently on 124 and my provider EE in the uk say they still haven’t received any newer fw from Huawei since v124.

    Issues with screen response, sometimes i have to tap home button a couple of times for it to register, same with some notifications when i unlock the screen, having to tap them a few times.

    The software is really rubbish compared to Samsung, i have only just come over to Huawei from Samsung, i had an s8 and it had not long got One Ui, and that genuinely felt more developed, faster and smoother on my s8 that one this p30 pro.

    There’s been a couple of times i have contacted the Huawei chat on the Hicare app and they are really funny cause whatever i tell them my issue is they seem to always want me to completely reset my device.

    I keep getting really annoying gray bubble pop up notifications telling me apps have been blocked from showing their dropzone and other notifications similar that i know has happened, like sound has been changed etc, not sure how to turn them off cause i don't need them to keep telling me.

    I don't understand why Huawei would release a flagship phone and not have the software just feel complete and nice because at the end of the day it’s that which you pretty much judge the phone on.

    I guess i also don't like that there seems to be too many settings to change and turn off to make the phone useable, that’s why doing a flash that wipes the phone is really putting me off doing that and using the method that’s being used at the moment to update to 153 via the OTG method.

    The screen auto brightness bug that’s not a bug according to huawei and is a feature? The fact that every time i restart my phone i turn auto brightness off and then it comes back on every restart! It really makes me laugh that they think forcing you to have to do that every time you restart is a good feature to have. They say it saves power so it good, yes if you leave it on! i was talking to them and said well the slider is there to have auto on or not so if people wanted it on, they would leave it on would they not? It’s not the biggest issue in the world but it’s fun arguing with them about it, it does annoy me though lol
    Secret Codes.

    hey guys,

    i was wondering what's the alternate code on huawei p30 pro for *#*#4346#*#* and *#*#6130#*#*. i want to chnage the network preference.