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Nov 13, 2018
My only issue is the battery. I wouldn't call myself a moderate user and I manage to only get 3-4 hours, almost 5 on a rare occasion and have to charge by 9pm on a night.

Perhaps it's nitpicking but when majority of users boast 2 day battery life it gripes a little, especially when I purchased this phone for that above reason.
My only issue is the battery. I wouldn't call myself a moderate user and I manage to only get 3-4 hours, almost 5 on a rare occasion and have to charge by 9pm on a night.

Perhaps it's nitpicking but when majority of users boast 2 day battery life it gripes a little, especially when I purchased this phone for that above reason.
Sounds like there is definitely something wrong


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Feb 7, 2019
I have the P30 Pro, VOG-AL10, 8GB/512GB model; gifted from a friend :)

I have a couple annoyances

1) My biggest problem (along with any other mainland Android phone I've owned) is there is no way to force full encryption. You can only add stuff to the "safe."
2) My second annoyance is the aggressive power management. I've done a lot of my own tweaking so it doesn't force close my Cisco AnyConnect client for example. I use LastPass for password management and for whatever reason, whenever I re-open the app it requires I use my 2FA again even when I choose remember for 30 days. I don't know if this is a LastPass problem or what. The only way to keep it from resetting is to keep it active in my open apps.
3) Even though I use Chrome as the default browser, for certain tasks (like using a WiFi hotspot that requires registration), it will still open in the default browser which you need to accept their TOS to use...
4) I use SwiftKeys as my default keyboard. I have the Huawei IME unchecked. I use the phone, after a while the Huawei IME will get enabled again.
power management is strict because u have china version ... if u vould have EU or global u would not have issues
u can delete stock browser
huawei IME?? it never enabled on my use when I had china version honor note 10 u need to go to ime settings and disable all possible enabled options u need to disble auto update and other things..
but if u buy EU version u will have all your problems solwed...

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Huawei.... Seriously please let us turn the stupid EIS off when recording video. It causes too many artifacts and crops the image its bloody awful. Coming from an s10plus this is annoying as I had an option to turn it off. Arghhh

man u cannot cry here asking huawei what to do :laugh::D
they never comes hire and never will u need to go to hicare and sned email there or live chat but better of go to chinese live chat other countries won't bother resending it to china engineers
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Jul 9, 2014
EMUI 10 P30pro AI HDR in front cam issue

Since updated in EMUI 10, AI HDR is not working in front cam photo or portrait mode. But works fine when switched to video mode. Does anyone experience this too?


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Jul 30, 2009

Maybe it is an android 10 problem... I have a app called n26 which have its own notification sound within but on emui 10 it plays the phones standard tone what can i do? I can change the sound but that one of the app its not there

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Apr 26, 2020
P30 Pro Screen Issue

Anyone here encountered the same issue? Whenever I wake up my Phone the lower portion of my screen lights up a little bit before the finger print icon shows. Is it normal?


Oct 28, 2010
I've already had this phone replaced because the first one also had this issue. The problem is when in wireless charging it won't charge to full. Checked my charging history last night, the phone stopped charging at 3am when it was only at 90 percent, didn't restart. So when I get up this morning it's at 87 percent. I've tried several different wireless chargers, and power supplies also different cables from plug to charging stand. Charges perfectly when plugged into phone, supercharge works great. Anyone had the same or know of a solution before I return this and get something else?

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    My issue is simple, EMUI.
    Coming from an S10 and oneUI and mix 3 with miui made me realize how bad EMUI is in everything, cloning iOS, native apps like dialer gallery calendar, missed up setrings, Crippled animations (this is a huge one) and notifications. Stupid decissions like launching the camera with volume down. Many many things
    I just wish Huawei support at least native Android interface, animations and gestures
    I have the same problem. Any solution?

    I use Fluid Navigation Gestures. It's much better than the stock one. Should fix your issue.
    My only issue: Having to pay to a rip off like FunkyHuawei to get my official updates!
    Updates from Huawei seem very staggered, seem to mainly be looking after their own country who seem to be about 3 firmware’s ahead of a lot of other places. i know a lot are getting v153 now but why are a lot going straight from 124 to 153 yet some places got fw's in-between in the 140's? i am currently on 124 and my provider EE in the uk say they still haven’t received any newer fw from Huawei since v124.

    Issues with screen response, sometimes i have to tap home button a couple of times for it to register, same with some notifications when i unlock the screen, having to tap them a few times.

    The software is really rubbish compared to Samsung, i have only just come over to Huawei from Samsung, i had an s8 and it had not long got One Ui, and that genuinely felt more developed, faster and smoother on my s8 that one this p30 pro.

    There’s been a couple of times i have contacted the Huawei chat on the Hicare app and they are really funny cause whatever i tell them my issue is they seem to always want me to completely reset my device.

    I keep getting really annoying gray bubble pop up notifications telling me apps have been blocked from showing their dropzone and other notifications similar that i know has happened, like sound has been changed etc, not sure how to turn them off cause i don't need them to keep telling me.

    I don't understand why Huawei would release a flagship phone and not have the software just feel complete and nice because at the end of the day it’s that which you pretty much judge the phone on.

    I guess i also don't like that there seems to be too many settings to change and turn off to make the phone useable, that’s why doing a flash that wipes the phone is really putting me off doing that and using the method that’s being used at the moment to update to 153 via the OTG method.

    The screen auto brightness bug that’s not a bug according to huawei and is a feature? The fact that every time i restart my phone i turn auto brightness off and then it comes back on every restart! It really makes me laugh that they think forcing you to have to do that every time you restart is a good feature to have. They say it saves power so it good, yes if you leave it on! i was talking to them and said well the slider is there to have auto on or not so if people wanted it on, they would leave it on would they not? It’s not the biggest issue in the world but it’s fun arguing with them about it, it does annoy me though lol
    Secret Codes.

    hey guys,

    i was wondering what's the alternate code on huawei p30 pro for *#*#4346#*#* and *#*#6130#*#*. i want to chnage the network preference.