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Jan 2, 2019
Unpack/repack vs android kitchen


I was doing everything the long way to add apps to my rom. I unpacked the system file and then went through android kitchen to repack and remake everything. I am still learning. I realized I didn't need to do that. I could've added apps in android kitchen. My question is: When would you unpack img files and repack vs just using android kitchen? When you make changes through unpacking/repacking, you dont need android kitchen correct? I guess kitchen also helped with making sure everything was signed, etc... But not sure if thts what i needed.


New member
May 6, 2021
Hello,I am just wondering if this thread will help me with a project that I am working on. It is upgrading a generic android tablet 4.2.2 into a nougat 7.1 Is there any info on this type of upgrade ? Thank you for your help.

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