Live captions inject text into servece with real time translation


Jun 21, 2012
Some time ago Google released very powerful 'Live captions' app for pixel devices.
For those who do not know it yet, short video:

I finally run it on my nonPixel device but I just missed the option to translate text in real time something that gives us AllTrans module. But unfortunately it is not able to detect the application and replace the text probably because it works as a service .
transcription and translation of text in real time in different languages using different engines (deepl, Microsoft Google) would be so awesome.
Is this possible to do it with the service? Could someone try port it to Alltrans ? Or some suggestions ?
AllTrans source:
Quick guide how to run it on nonPixel (xiaomi and10 lineageos in my case)
-Install hideProps+ Live Captions nonPixel v1 by MishaalRahman found in Google
-reboot -> in terminal su > props > then apply pixel one (pixel 3 XL in my case)
Clear play services & play store data then reboot
-After that you should see update for personalisation services in market my apps and install it (if not want for while to rebuild Pstore database or link market manually (via TB)
Add microphone perm and enable it from settings > sound > live captions