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Hello good evening group, I want to ask some questions and I need your help. I'm a user of the S line of this S4, but I've had other devices along my trajectory too. But as I am, I'm used to the usability of lines S, and this one from s6~s7.. I use everything syncing on samsung accouts and google account. Like Every end of the year on my birthday I upgrade. The samsung accouts and Google account makes everything more practical and easy. I recently made an exchange with I gave my s10 plus everything right+R$1,000 in an S20 plus. I've been using it normally in my day to day, more recently I went to update it through the samsung switch, because there was a firmware update available. But after this update I found out that it is live demo. When I bought it, the seller did not inform me that it was a live demo version, so far I used it normally on connection, 4g and etc... After this update, it goes up signal and recognizes the chip... but I can't make more calls or SMS... I went to the technical assistance and they explained to me that it was a live demo version and etc... I always used it with film on the front and back and a cape, I never noticed that he had written on the back much more discreet ``Live demo not for sale'' kkk. And now ?? Has anyone ever experienced this ? This is my only cell phone for work and etc..


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Aug 23, 2012
contact the seller, tell them to give your old phone and money back or you'll go to the police.