[Live Wallpaper] Advanced Map (Updated 4/08/10)

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David Horn

Retired Recognized Developer
Oct 30, 2008
I'm pleased to announce the release of the Advanced Map Live Wallpaper, which allows you to show your position on a variety of maps on the homescreen.


* Wide selection of maps (Ordnance Survey, Google, Satellite, Terrain, Bing, OpenStreetMap, USA VFR and IFR charts...)
* Battery friendly - it uses network locations and shuts down whenever the homescreen isn't visible.
* Data friendly - aggressive caching means that you should only need to download a map tile once.
* Variable zoom on all maps
* Accuracy circle (can be switched off)

It's partly based on my original OS Map application, and draws on code from the open-sourced Rmaps2 and the AndNav library. Consequently, this application is also open-source, with the source available as soon as I've figured out how to use the Google Code repository (or you have have it as a ZIP file by email).


This is a BETA release. I'd appreciate it if you could post any problems in this thread instead of leaving a low rating on the app. Ordnance Survey maps won't work outside the UK.

Right now, if you turn GPS on, you may need to select another wallpaper before it'll turn off again. You might also need to turn "Refresh Position" on in the settings page, which will be fixed in the next update.

Finally, I apologise to whoever's house is in the screenshots since I picked a location at random!


Update (14/06/10):

New version (0.9.3) uploaded. Minor cache fixed, force-close issue *hopefully* fixed, some general tidying up in the source. If it force-closes for you, try clearing the application data. Alternatively, enter the settings page, choose a different map type, and it should work. You can change the map type again after that. Hopefully resolved now I've remembered to close the database... ;-)

For those who can't find it, it's available to download here. You'll have to check for updates manually, I'm afraid, and if you keep an eye on the Market it should turn up eventually.

Update (16/06/10):

New version (0.9.4) uploaded. Fixes include landscape support and the really irritating bug where it would forget to load map tiles should now be gone.

Get it here (if you can find it on the Market, I strongly recommend downloading it from there instead):

Update (5/07/10):

Version 0.9.5 uploaded to Market. Only major change is the addition of the Hike and Bike map as requested by a user. It should show up as an update on Froyo.

Also discovered the reason why it's not showing in the Market for Droid users - turns out that they don't respect the "Live Wallpaper" filter and won't show apps with that enabled in the Manifest.

Out of curiosity, is anyone still encountering problems with either the wallpaper itself, or finding it in the Market?

Update (4/08/10):

Version 1.0 uploaded to the Market. Major changes include the addition of Google Traffic and smooth scrolling between home-screens. (I hope you appreciate that, it took AGES to implement...) ;-)

There's an issue with force-closing on some phones which I haven't been able to resolve - no one has replied to my request to run Log Collector, and without a log I can't fix the problem. The Android Market is supposed to show crash reports, but doesn't.


I've never been keen on asking for money, but there is a "donate" version to the Market. It's identical to the current release (which will always remain free) but it would be great to get a bit of reward for the hard work that goes into writing a Live Wallpaper.

It's only £1 and donations provide an excellent motivation for bug fixes and new feature requests. If you have the normal version, you'll find a donate link in the settings page. :)
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May 12, 2010
Wow, this is awesome. Thanks!

It would be really cool if we could get an overlay like: greenchairpress .com/blog/?p=1392 working. It's cool having maps, but it's not something I see myself using day to day. If there was a map alternative that was a bit more stylized that would be rad.

David Horn

Retired Recognized Developer
Oct 30, 2008
alexland - is it possible to browse Bing Maps in that style, or does the Microsoft server have to render each mini-map on request? If it's possible to just get the tiles, in theory it should be possible to have it on the homescreen.


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Nov 10, 2008
The accuracy circle bothered me on the other map wallpaper, thanks for letting us disable it. Are there plans to enable panning, or was that left out in favor of battery life?


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Apr 6, 2006
Can't find it on the market either.

German Milestone from O² here...

Also, could you maybe add VFR/IFR maps for Europe in the future? Since I'm in aviation this would definately make it a wallpaper to keep =P

Thx in advance and before even having tried it,



Sep 13, 2009
Clearly something is up, there are lots of us unable to find it in the market. I learned about this app on an Android site and the one and only comment to the article was someone saying that they could not locate it either.


New member
Nov 23, 2009
This looks like a great app, but I can't find it in the market either when I scan the QR code.

I have a Sprint hero on 2.1
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Nov 25, 2009
ok, so, i think this only shows up on froyo. I was running cyanogen 5.0.7 (2.1) on my nexus one and it wasn't showing up. Then I restored to a nandroid of froyo (2.2) I had and searched for it, and sure enough it showed up, also, the screenshots in the thread are froyo, or at least look like it, so that also leads me to the conclusion its froyo market only :p
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