[Live Wallpaper] Album Art - RELEASED!

David Horn

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Oct 30, 2008
Have spent a bit more time working on Live Wallpapers, and the newest one pulls your album art and shows it on the home screen, a bit like the screensaver OS X comes with.


* Accesses your Android album art library (if you see it in Music Player, you see it here...)
* Shuffle feature
* Compatible with LauncherPro
* Very fast (approx 0.5 seconds on first load)
* Smooth scrolling between screens
* Periodically changes individual covers
* Opaque setting to make pale text easier to read.


Thanks to the team of beta testers who did a great job helping me identify bugs and implement a few new features. The Album Art Live Wallpaper is now released to the Market for 99p, and a demo is also available for free.

Album Art Live Wallpaper

Album Art Live Wallpaper (Demo)

Free copies:

If you encounter a serious problem in the demo (for example, it won't load on your phone) and you work with me to fix it by sending a log entry etc, you get to keep a free copy. ;-)

Update v1.1 (16/07/10):

Just uploaded version 1.1 to the Market. Amongst other fixes this addresses an issue where incomplete album art collections resulted in a large number of grey Android tiles (missing artwork) showing on the home screen. The app will now make 10 attempts to find a replacement tile before giving up and moving on.

Update v1.2 (19/07/10):

Various bug fixes; possible solution for Droid users ("Use internal storage" option), greyscale rendering.

Download the demo below or on the Android Market. It's only 99p and took a huge amount of time and effort to get to this point, so if you like it, please buy it!
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Jan 2, 2009
Are you guys just posting here, or pm'ing him? He did specify a pm to let him know. Just checking. ;) Also, let him know about your phone, what kind it is(most likely N1 if you're reading this thread), what rom you're running(which I forgot to do, it's Cyanogen 5.0.8), and what kind of home you have, I'm sure he'd want to see a wide mix of home replacements to see if any of them have any issues.
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