[Live Wallpaper] Mario Live Wallpaper 0.94b [Update: appearance settings]

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I installed it on my Samsung galaxy s7. But how do I activate it? Is it supported?
You activate it like any other Live Wallpaper....

Once you download and install a live wallpaper you pinch on a home screen with 2 fingers and then tap Wallpapers.
Select the select where you want the wallpaper applied either just the Home Screen or Home and Lock Screens from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner. Select the live wallpaper at the end of the image scroll at the bottom of the screen an then tap on the Mario Live Wallpaper.

Second option is if you have a newer firmware that now brings up the Samsung Themes, forcing you to only use the wallpapers available through the app, you can install the Google Wallpapers app and be able to select the Mario Live wallpaper through there.

Or third option, if you use a custom launcher, get to the settings that allow customization of the home screen and select Wallpaper options ie. Nova Launcher tap and hold on the home screen it backs out and options show, select wallpapers, scroll the image scroll on the bottom until you come to live wallpapers and select that, next select the live wallpaper you want.

Oh one last option...... https://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/themes/app-7-0-live-wallpaper-picker-home-lock-t3503347
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Oct 29, 2011
Still using it in 2018. Quality work. For Samsung Devices download Livewallpaper Setter (or something like that from the Play Store). Samsung disabled setting LWP on their devices.
I have no issues setting live wallpapers on my Note 8, Note 9, wife's Samsung 8+ (all on Oreo). I use Nova Launcher as I can customize everything to my liking. By tap and holding on background on Home Screen, then select Wallpapers, then scroll to Live Wallpapers, select Live Wallpaper, tap Set Wallpaper and option for Home Screen only or Home Screen and Lock Screen shows, select your option and it's set.

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    My second app!

    This is a live wallpaper of Mario playing randomly generated levels. Every once in a while, a level ends and a new one begins. There are three themes for levels: outside, underground and castle. They appear in that order.

    Have a look at wallpaper's settings! You might find something interesting there. Like the ability to change FPS, or to disable level background (making levels darker).

    By default, this live wallpaper is in the playback mode. If you switch it to AI mode, it tends to waste a considerable amount of battery power because of the artificial intelligence, which is rather complex. The fact that the wallpaper is nice enough to be stared at for long periods of time, doesn't help that situation either. :)

    By default, this wallpaper is set up to have a low priority. This is good, but not if your device is running a CPU intensive app. So - if the wallpaper is very slow on your device (something like 2 frames per second), consider looking at battery logs to find application(s) that waste a lot of CPU time.

    And, at last, as all my work, this live wallpaper is donation supported too. So if you like it, consider buying be a cup of much needed cofee or a pizza.

    See the video of how it looks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g58o9w0bg4

    Issues? Read the FAQ in the next post below.

    To get the live wallpaper, use this link from the android device, or this QR code:
    <no longer available via market because of a legal claim by Nintendo>

    Or, download this APK if you don't have the market on your device or for some reason don't see it there.
    MarioLive_094b is the latest version.

    • 0.94b, published 2010-7-23 [first post on page 25]
      - by popular demand, removed the app icon that was added in 0.93b (now Help)
      - new configuration options: Help, Changelog
      - new group: appearance settings (with a preview)
      - new appearance settings: Background color, Overlaying color (usefull for dimming)
      - increased buffer to make transitions in low priority mode smoother
      - ad space on top of settings is now reserved
    • 0.93b, published 2010-7-17 [first post on page 24]
      - new "playback mode" which saves battery, turned on by default
      - smoother shifting of Mario
      - added an app icon, explaining that this is a live wallpaper, and describing settings
      - removed a limitation which prevented some devices from seeing the live wallpaper on the Market
      - further bug fixes
    • 0.92b, published 2010-6-26 [first post on page 5]
      - bug fixes of force closing due to threading concurrency
      - trying to fix a bug where Mario wouldn't be centered on Evo
    • 0.91b, published 2010-6-26 [first post on page 4]
      - fixed preview bug, where Mario wouldn't be in the center
      - introduced "Always in center" option to force Mario be in the center all the time
    • 0.9b, published 2010-6-25
      - initial release

    Frequently asked questions - FAQ

    I've downloaded and installed it. How do I set it up as a Live Wallpaper?
    Follow this procedure:
    • go to your home screen
    • press the menu button on your device
    • select "Wallpaper"
    • select "Live Wallpapers" *
    • search and select for "Mario Live Wallpaper"
    • select "Settings" to see the settings or select "Set wallpaper" to activate it
    (* if you don't see "Live Wallpapers" option in the "Select wallpaper from" menu then your device probably doesn't support Live Wallpapers)

    What is the difference between "AI Mode" and "Playback Mode"?
    Playback mode uses prerecorded plays, so Mario doesn't think but just "plays back" one of the 1000 or so levels from memory. AI mode makes Mario smart, and he will use artificial intelligence to complete the level. AI mode uses MUCH MORE BATTERY, and also might not work correctly on some older devices due to lack of memory and processing power.

    I've turned "AI Mode" on and this wallpaper wastes a lot of battery. What can I do?
    That's just how the Mario's artificial intelligence is, very demanding on the phone's resources. Turn the AI Mode off or if you absolutely want it, you can disable course background and decrease FPS to remedy the issue.

    Why does this Live wallpaper require internet access?
    It's to download and show ads. They appear in the Live wallpaper's settings.

    I can't find this on the market. Where is it?
    Your phone is probably unsupported. If you're sure that your phone supports live wallpapers, you can try manually installing with the APKs that are at the end of the post above.

    I can't download the APK. My phone says "Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone". What to do?
    Don't download it with your phone! The default browser in Android doesn't support downloading APK files. Try this:
    • download AndroZip from the market. It's a file browser app
    • download the latest APK from the first page of this thread, do it with your PC
    • transfer the APK to the phone's SD card
    • on the phone, go to Settings -> Applications -> check "Unknown sources"
    • launch AndroZip, search for the APK on the sd card, and select it. You should be offered to install the live wallpaper
    • later when installed, go to home screen, press the menu key, select Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers, search for Mario Live Wallpaper and select it

    This is so cool! How about you theme it like this game? Or make another like this other game? Or maybe that game?
    This is not likely going to happen because of copyright issues. The Mario Live Wallpaper is made from free and open-source material (check About in the settings) while any other game (even themes from Super Mario) are a no-go because the vast majority is proprietary and copyrighted.

    This LWP is very cool. Thanks! How can I contribute?
    In a number of ways:
    this is my favorite live wallpaper. not only because i am a huge mario fan, but because it's that one live wallpaper that doesn't lag my homescreen to hell after prolonged use. probably because of that "low priority" option.

    anyway, one thing that kinda bothered me was the mario sprite that notch (the dev where OP got the sprites for the live wallpaper) used the Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3, when the background he used was from Super Mario World... So I replaced the Mario 3 sprites with the correct Super Mario World sprites for my own personal use, but anyone who wants this can also use it.

    i take absolutely no credit for the following apk. screenshots included :)
    Sorry I was being away for so long -- so a big quote post time again! :)


    I keep on getting it playing like this on my Galaxy S2.

    I am having the same problem. Does ne1 have a fix for this? I have epic touch 4g

    I'm updating it, porting the rendering engine to OpenGL so its faster now (also glichless as far as I can test). Added quite a bit of stuff really. Unfortunately there is an issue in ICS that I'm currently resolving so I can't publish it yet.

    Jesus, you really did great work in this thread, i always wanna check if your wallpaper get undated every time when i come to this forum.

    Undated? As in -- get more up to date? Sure ;)

    I have a Rezound and I love the wallpaper.

    Does the app support higher resolutions though? And if not, do you plan on updating it?

    Well, it is in the game's original resolution. Gives it a retro look, you know.


    The updated (or should I say new) version I'm making will have better looking textures but they won't be from Mario. Hint. What do you guys think - should I be able to republish it (through the market) with this new look without Nin***do taking it down?

    Awesome lwp 10000 gold coins for you pure genius.