LM-G710ULM ... Custom Rom.... Where to start?

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Apr 19, 2011
I have a LM-G710ULM on android 8.0.0
Sec patch sept 1, 2018
Kernel 4.9.65

Its never been bootloader unlocked or anything and internal mem is almost full so was going to wipe it and factory restore but figured now would be a good time to look into unlocking bootloader and flash a custom rom.

Im just looking for good performance and reliability, I have not flashed a custom rom in years and not at all with this phone so is there any up to date guides for people with no clues?

Any rom suggesstions?



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You may try to upgrade to latest android 10 official firmware first. You will not flash anything custom but at least you will get an update from android 8 and start to familiarize with flashing.

And even if you want a custom ROM, the most recent ones are based on latest android 10 official firmware, so you have to install that first anyway