LMV600TM Restore/Ugrade Guide a12

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Nov 8, 2022
maybe someone can help this happened to my phone


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Feb 28, 2022
Lenovo Legion Duel
Thanks for shareing
I have a LG V600AM , Can I use this backup file to upgrade my phone?
You can update to lmv600am 30D from here

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    This restore process is intended for the Tmob V60 (lmv600tm) model and you must WIPE your data so back it up if you want to keep it!

    This process will restore the lmv600tm to the state directly after the ota upgrade to the a12 v30b build. I’ve dumped all the required partitions from a MY personal lmv600tm. This process uses the Qfil utility and assumes you already have a working knowledge of Qfil and that you have already installed it on your Windows PC. If you don’t have that knowledge start reading. The internet is full of Qfil guides.

    You can’t damage or fix your existing imei relevant partitions from this restore because they aren’t included in this download.

    You are responsible for backing up your existing phone partitions. I’m not liable for you using my work product and you do so at your own risk. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing then read more about Qfil and what is does. Again, if you are a newby go slow. Taking your time will save you a lot of aggravation.

    This process will not fix your erased or damage imei number problem. There are process out there but they are usually reserved for people with an expert level of knowledge on the subject.

    This guide is for anyone who’s presently unable to boot or who just can’t access Tmob ota services and wishes to upgrade their lmv600tm to the a12 build. I have only tried this when my phone was already on an Android 11 rom. That’s not to say it won’t work coming from a Android 10 rom but I haven’t tried it.

    This process will not fix your erased or damage imei number problem.


    Download “Lmv600tm v30b Restore Partitions.7z” file from ???? and unzip. Remember the unzipped restore directory path.

    Download “DriverBootandFirehose.zip” file from here and unzip. Remember the unzipped location.

    Plug your phone into PC with USB cable and put you phone in EDL (9008) mode. Again, there are guides on how to do this everywhere.

    Start Qfil and select the port of your phone’ connection. (See Windows device manager)

    Select the v60 firehose from where you unzipped “DriverBootandFirehose.zip”.

    Select storage type = ulf which is located at the bottom right of the Qfil dialog screen. I’m using Qfil version.

    Next click on the “load XML” button and group select “rawprogram0” thru “rawprogram6” which are also in the unzipped directory, then hit OK. Next it will ask for the Patch0.xml file, hit cancel as we’re not patching anything.

    Wait a few seconds and then click on the “Download” button. Qfil will now resolve all the names of the partitions to be restore and then start the download process to the phone.

    When complete phone reboots as I recall.
    I can confirm that a LGV600Am -> LGV600TM works*. It is possible to crossflash a ATT (A10) to T-Mobile (A12) LG v60!* Yay and TY. As stated elsewhere good luck with 5G. It is suspected T-Mo is blacklisting LG now? My FingerPrint reader is broken. I had to use a weird hidden menu trick on the stock Att A10 when bootloader unlocked. This guide worked perfect except the firehose! Someone is handing out the prog__ufs_firehose_sm8250_ddr.elf and not correct file named prog__ufs_firehose_sm8250_lge.elf! I kept getting QFIL errors! I attached the proper version. Its getting hard to find for free!
    Still learning about treble generation. Thanks for the dump! Hopefully there is a newer june/july update.

    PS: Welp unlocked bootloader causes failed update & lg switch key attestation/ key deleted error. I would appreciate any help w/ 5G would be nice but not needed.

    *= Broken 5G and No Fingerprint registration.
    I want backup imei and everything file partitions network need.
    How to backup? And partition name ?

    Download Partition Manager and backup those yellow ones and you should be good ;)