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Location Re-enable Spontaneously When Connecting to Different Wifi

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Sep 21, 2021
This is a really odd issue and it is a privacy concern. I have a Samsung Galaxy A51 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Android 11, and I have noticed on both that the device location setting is spontaneously being re-enabled without my intervention on both devices. It happens under the following scenario:

-Location off
-Wifi on
-No apps other than system apps (which cannot be uninstalled and cannot have location permissions revoked) have location access permissions granted
-While device connects automatically to a different wifi network than device was most recently previously connected to (e.g. being connected to wifi at home, then automatically connecting to wifi when visiting family at their house) or when manually connecting to a different wifi network (e.g. when connecting to wifi at a hotel).

I also notice that not only does locations services get enabled, but that the location being accessed icon shows up too. Yet, when I look at the location access setting menu in settings, it shows that nothing has been accessing my location.

Does anybody know why this is happening? Is this issue limited to Samsung devices or all Android devices?

Find my phone is set to enabled from within settings, but this wouldn't be causing this, right?
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