Lock screen not registering touch! Help!

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May 2, 2012
This just started happening a couple of days ago. When I get a text message, no matter whether it's from 3rd party app or stock, my lock screen won't register touch. It takes me a while to swipe to unlock. I have been hitting the home button a lot and sometimes it will unlock long enough for me to dismiss the text popup before it locks again. But once I dismiss the popup I can unlock just fine.

I am rooted and have several xposed apps running, but nothing that should affect the touch.

I can send a logcat if anyone is willing to help.


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Mar 15, 2011
Does it do it on all the lockscreen options, swipe, pin, pattern etc.?

If you use Titanium Backup I would start with Xposed Framework and modules and freeze all your root apps one by one until you figure out whether or not an app is causing the problem. Once that's determined it will be easier to figure out the next action to take.
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