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lolipop update for android wear

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    Since I'm a new user, I cannot post entire links. Here's the relevant part of the OTA url, though:
    You can reconstruct the rest
    Everyone who hasn't got OTA and can't wait to update,

    First, Download OTA link (Special thanks to rvirga & xXAndyXx)

    Second, Root your SmartWatch 3

    Then, do the following commends via adb [NOT IN RECOVERY] (Courtesy of Smalink from AP comment)
    # adb push Your-SW3-OTA.zip /sdcard/update.zip
    # adb shell
    # su
    # cp /sdcard/update.zip /cache/update.zip
    # echo 'boot-recovery ' > /cache/recovery/command
    # echo '--update_package=/cache/update.zip' >> /cache/recovery/command
    # reboot recovery

    It will reboot and update.
    I did the same and my SW3 is now on Lollipop.
    How to to force the update. Worked for me and several others that weren't being offered it.


    Please let us know if it works.
    hello, how was your update ? usb and PC Companion or ota ?

    OTA :good:
    Right now!
    Czech republic, nothing did, just arrived new system.
    Disappointment: theatre mode on SW3 is totally dimmed, why when the display doesn't shine...?

    Another way to be in a theater would be "airplane mode" and in wear app in phone uncheck "tilt to light screen" (or something similar).

    this combination at least keeps the time visible and no notification or movement will ligth the watch.