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Lollipop 5.1 (11th or 18th feb 2015)

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May 28, 2008
Yes. It was an official confirmation from Google India. Check the screenshot attached.


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Jan 13, 2015
This is a request to all android one users that if anyone gets the lollipop update then please do not install it. First upload the update.zip file of the update and only then install the update.

How to get the update.zip file of the update :
First off when you see the update available notification, tap it.
Then there must be an option to download it. Select it and download the update. BUT DO NOT PRESS INSTALL! Before installing it, do the following process :
Using a root explorer app(you'll have to root the phone for this), go to the cache folder in the root of the system and you must see the update.zip file there. Copy it to your sd card and upload that file to d-h.st website. And the go back and now you can install the update.

Sushant Rohan

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Feb 2, 2015
Wait a minute. Has your friend got the update or the Wi-Fi? If he has got the update then please ask him to post a screenshot ASAP.

Yes I will ask him

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Pardon me guys he flashed the lolllipop cyanogen on his phone and he was saying me that he has got the lollipop. We don't have good conversations. Pardon for that. I will look over him

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    guys it's a photoshoped pic. see. these all pics are FAKE.

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    You are right!!! also in the screenshot of background apps.. there is a tab named salesTrack which comes only on first boot of device or when we flash the cache. Along that check his update notification screenshot.. its edges... its like he took it and edited from some site.. A**hole.. Flashed Indian ROM and putting fake posts!!

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    see, the image is photoshopped, that's why it shows UPDATE message in a different colour.
    official android 5.1 india

    friends i got my lollipop update ..i am very happy :D
    here are my screen shots