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Feb 11, 2012
I am very disappointed by the battery

I turned off the 4G, I disabled moto voice

switch on at 8am , switch off at 10pm with 10%

1h and 44 min of screen

15 minutes of phone calls

40% 60% WiFi data


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Sep 1, 2011
My battery is OK...

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Jul 15, 2014
Can't complain.
Krait kernel with little tweaking (min freq at 576000 for smoothness).
Stock 1095 rooted and greenified, no xposed anymore unfortunately.
Still had 18% to go when I took this


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    Prior to updating I was a bit worried about the battery life on Lollipop as I found Kitkat to be awesome. But so far I have no complaints :D Been off the charger for 2 days 20 hours and 4 hours screen time. Still have a few more hours left in the tank.
    Thanks man for the help!
    Yes you are completely right, when I'm not connected to WiFi Google Play Services is the top app in the list of battery consumption. But, If I'm on WiFi is not.
    I will give a try to what you are suggesting.
    Thanks again!

    Here's what I've noticed as I can do a slightly different kind of test and still maintain 100% phone functionality. My phone number is an IP phone so all my calls and texting works through data. So I can use Wi-Fi only or mobile network and have no loss of functionality on the phone. I've always used battery saver mode on GPS as well.

    I did a day of using the phone normal and I got my normal 14 hour usage pattern with 1h45 minutess screen time. Absolutely terrible in my opinion. This is 90% on Wi-Fi with some sort periods on mobile network, but mobile network is LTE and I can see the tower across the street out my window. There is no real app eating my battery from what I can find but a lot of apps like to keep the mobile radio active it seems. Some for nearly two hours! No idea why, they have no location access, and don't even ask for location access or need location access to work.

    Then I tried something else. Since I'm by Wi-Fi all day mostly, I use airplane mode and then turn on the Wi-Fi. Note, like I said, my particular case I maintain 100% functionality on my phone and can still make and receive calls and text with this method due to having an IP phone number. My battery life skyrocketed! I'm now going a solid 40-45 hours on a charge with 5-6 screen time! And I'm not using my phone any differently whatsoever! Leads me to conclude there is something up with apps and mobile radio. To jump that significantly is outrageous! And everything still gets location access due to battery saver mode and using Wi-Fi location.
    Had the same problem. Greenifying Facebook and Facebook messenger did the trick.
    Hi, this is my first post here, though I've lurked for a while. I've been having problems with my battery since about two weeks after updating to Lollipop. Before, I used to easily get 12-14 hours total with 2.5 to 3 hours of SOT on my phone. A while ago, though, my phone battery started plummeting and I would lose ~5% over the course of an hour even if I didn't touch my phone, and switching to airplane mode didn't solve anything. The battery stats indicated something was waking up my phone really often, though I didn't change any of the settings on my phone. The main sources were Android OS, Android System, and Google Play Services.

    I downloaded the PC version of wakelock detector, which indicated that the cause was "". The total wake time was only a few minutes at the end of about 10 hours, but it said it had woken up my phone thousands of times, while other apps were usually waking up my phone less than a hundred times. I switched off contacts sync via settings, I reinstalled Google Play Services, I readded my Google account, all over a week to see if anything helped, but nothing did.

    So last night, I went ahead and just did a factory reset to see if that switched the problem. I also switched off contacts sync again. Today, my phone is having the same battery drain, though, and wakelock detector is telling me that over the last 3 hours, woke up my phone 1292 times.

    I'm at the end of my wits here. Any suggestions? It's on Verizon; WiFi, data, and bluetooth are on; and location services are on device only.
    What social apps are you using???

    Thanks in advance!!!
    I'm not using any social media apps.

    How about the location settings? Are you using LTE? Moto voice? That is really an awesome battery life ;)
    Location services is always on high accuracy, I'm not using 4G yet. Moto voice, assist, actions and display are all on
    CM13 stock

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