Looking for a Head Unit for Ford Focus mk3


New member
Feb 23, 2021
Hi Guys!

I am looking recently for some head unit for my Focus mk3 2012. I need one that is already fitted into the the surounding plastics as there is no "real" DIN space to place it.
I stumbled upon few units, but honestly now I have no idea what to choose.

Just as a examples: (not sure if I can post aliexpress links)
1) AWESAFE PX9 2GB + 32GB MTK8227 (octacore) with ST7851 Android 10.0
2) Hizpo 8x 4GB+64GB MTK8259 (octacore) with ST7850 Android 10.0

Are those worth ~230 -250 USD? Is there anything else you can recommend in this price range?
I know the sound quality will not be the best, but are those (ST7851, ST7850) at least decent in terms of sound quality?


Mar 26, 2007
You need to get an adapter for your car, probably this https://www.crutchfield.com/S-NwUKGSSBDOO/p_120995827B/Metra-99-5827-Dash-Kit.html

From there you can get any dual-din Android Head unit. Personally I like a Pioneer and Kenwood Android Auto units, but you can use any other one.

Also to note, the head units you pasted are Android head units, not Android Auto head units. You probably want something like DMH-1500NEX I personally think those you mentioned will not make you very happy.
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