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Looking for a probably the most reliable head unit on a budget.

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New member
Aug 23, 2021
ive got around a $300USD budget. looking to upgrade my old head unit and unsure what to get. ive looked at atoto, joying, vanku, pumpkin. just about every unit and as i do want a "quality" unit i want to find the middle ground between reliability, features and sound quality. lots of the $300 name brand units ive looked at is no longer available because of the chip shortages. ive seen a few "name brands" that i was kinda interested in but would love to use argma or a better interface but still with all the options its tough to choose. i know i want a double din flush mount, so not larger then 7". capacitive touch as i hate resistive. reverse camera isnt really a want or need.
anyone out there can make some good recommendations.