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Looking for a ROM that offers some Nougat features that were removed with Oreo

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Feb 15, 2019

I'm looking for a costum ROM that gives you the ability to

have the automatic keyboard language detection of nougat

->On my Galaxy S7 this feature disappeared since Oreo and I have to change languages manually

2) as well as to dim the status bar and notification panel via twilight or just the firmware itself having a lower possible brightness level built in?

->I want to use apps that dim the devices' brightness lower than by default at night. I use "Twilight" for that. Since Oreo it does not lower the brightness of the status bar and notification panel anymore since apps aren't allowed to overlay those.

Do you perhaps know a costum OS with that ability? Otherwise I will have to switch my smartphone as I can't downgrade anymore. (I think I would have had to downgrade to Nougat when I was on one of the earlier versions of Oreo because then I would have been at bootloader version 1 but now I'm on version 2 already)

Greetings from a village in Germany