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Looking for an Android dev to help download and partial video from server.

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New member
Apr 4, 2018
We're looking to hire a dev with experience with video processing for our Android app (native Java).
We have very large video files on an offline server, where we need to connect to it and download only small parts of the video.

Since we can't change or affect the server code, we need to do it all on the client. FFMPEG can do it, but unfortunately, the only build we could find builds an external process and uses the phone's default internet connection (not the wifi connection to the offline server through the app), so it cannot find the video.

We need to be able to trim a remotely located video file located on the server while downloading only the relevant part. (The server has partial downloading active with status 206)
For example, we have a video file at example.com/videofile.mp4 which is 3 minutes long, and we only want to download the video from 2:20 to 2:45. The code needs access the video file, skip to 2:20, and download only the required video, and not the entire video file.

Any of you wizz devs up for it? :)