Looking for: an unlocked XDA Exec for use in the NL

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Nov 13, 2003
Hi there,

I currently have an MDA Pro, locked to T-Mobile, but with a T-Mobile subscription, so I am not in a real rush.

However I ultimately want to have an XDA Exec instead of my MDA Pro, due to the fact that I prefer the black design to the silver design (matter of taste)

My big issue is the fact that it seems impossible to find any retailers that can sell me an XDA Exec, not only simfree (that is not an issue) but actually unlocked to another provider's network so that I can use it here in the Netherlands.

Any helpful suggestions are welcome! (obviously I could wait until an unlocker becomes available, but I would prefer to do it the official way)


Oct 21, 2005
Hi Wiz,

I can confirm that all o2 Exec's are already unlocked.
As soon as I got mine from O2 Purchased out right with no contract I tried Mu Daughters T-mobile and the wifes vodafone sims and all worked fine.

You should be OK.
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