Looking for cheap android tablet to get modding experience

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May 19, 2022
Hello, I am a beginner to modding Android and I want to get a cheap tablet to mess around with so that I can gain modding experience and knowledge before I do it on my main phone (LG G7 ThinQ [T-Mobile])

Here are the things that I'm looking for in the tablet:
-under $200 USD
-beginner friendly for modding
-good modding support/documentation online or within the XDA forums
(things like articles or tutorials on how to root the device and solve common issues with it)
-good custom ROM support

I know of the Fire HD 8/10 and the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. I've turned away from the Fire 8/10 tablets because from what I've seen online, you would need to take apart the device and temporarily short something on the device in order to root it or unlock the bootloader. It is also easy for someone to screw up the exploit that is needed to unlock the bootloader, which requires something (i think preloader) to be temporarily bricked. For the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, trying to root it and tripping Knox would void the warranty, which I would like to keep just in case i need to return it to Samsung for a RMA or something. If there is a way to root and install a custom rom on the tablet without tripping Knox and voiding warranty, let me know!
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