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LOS 16 browser crashes on plug/unplug usb cord when playing video

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Senior Member
Aug 18, 2011
Exactly as the title says: when watching video on LOS 16 built-in browser, the app crashes whenever I plug or unplug the usb cord. Alternatively: if, instead of the built-in browser, I use Next Browser (my default one), the app doesn't crash on plug/unplug the cord, but the video playback restarts from the beginning by its own.

No problems with LOS 15.1 nor with RR custom ROMs for the same device.

I've posted this question in the corresponding thread for my device and OS, but nobody else seems to be having the same issue (or at least I haven't got a single reply nor comment). Anyway it doesn't sound to me like a device-related bug. I wonder if someone else on Xda has experienced this problem regardless of their phone brand/version.

Device: Galaxy A3 2017 (A320F).
OS: LineageOS 16.0 developed by @McFy
Rooted with Magisk. No Gapps flashed.